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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Action - Powder Mountain Rezone!

While researching the Powder Mountain Rezone petition I learned today that because of the previous delays in hearing this petition, it will, in all probability be heard by the OVPC on October 23rd. The new Recreation Resort Zone ordinance will not be approved by that date. With this in mind, it is very important that we all communicate our input about the Powder Mountain Rezone to the OVPC Commissioners prior to October 23rd.

When voicing our concerns to the OVPC about the Powder Mountain Rezone petition, it is crucial that we focus on the specifics of the rezone petition and the issues and problems that can arise if the request is approved. For example you may wish to consider some of the following items: the numbers associated with the major density increase that would be brought about by the proposed zoning changes; increased traffic to the Valley on our predominately rural roads, safety concerns about the Powder Mountain Road itself, and the fact that it is the only way in and out of the resort, and the impact on the wildlife areas inside and surrounding the zones in the petition.

Where possible, it will be beneficial if we can make recommendations to the Commissioners on alternatives we'd like to see in this petition. We must assume the petition will be approved in some form. Please send your comments to:

Ogden Valley Planning Commission (OVPC)
In care of their clerk, Sherri Sillito
Her telephone number is: 801-399-8791

Her e-mail address is:

Include instructions to distribute your letter to all Ogden Valley Planning Commission members.

Remember to include your Name, and Address so they know who you are and to eliminate the possibility that your e-mail or letter would be discarded.

Your VCRD Staff

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