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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Property Taxes, Blacksmith Shop and Rep. Gage Froerer's contributions and The Monastery


Today we present a potpourri of VERY IMPORTANT issues. First, kudos to the strong stance Huntsville Resident and Weber County Republican Party Delegate, Alan Clapperton, has taken against our elected officials (Republicans) with regard to the Property Tax Crisis. Read his strongly worded letter to the editor in today's Standard Examiner.

Also in today's Standard, we read reporter MARSHALL THOMPSON's version of the planning commission tabling the requested rezone of the Blacksmith Shop in Eden. As he mentions, Weber County planner [Scott] "Mendoza said the petition has gotten a lot of attention. 'I’ve gotten several e-mails. … I think the blacksmith shop is held pretty dear in Eden.'"

Larry Zini of the VCRD also offered a report on the Planning commission meeting yesterday on this very Forum. Ogden Valley's voice is being heard in ways previously unheard of even a year ago, and our humble readers are to be commended.

Back to the Property tax issue, Huntsville Resident D-Bell has been in contact with lawyers and has an initial plan of attack, but it is now time to put up or .... shut up!

If you are willing to pitch into the legal fund, send Mr. Bell an email and let him know your level of dedication (i.e. how much cash will you be willing to put into the legal fund).

We finish up today with several Property tax and Proposition 13 related articles and documents forwarded to us by our esteemed State Legislature and Huntsville resident, Gage Froerer.

This issue is heating up. What say you Ogden Valley?

Click "Comments" below to opine.

Update 8-31-07: County Commissioners Guest Commentary from Today's Standard

Update 9-1-07: Our most gracious friends at the Monastery could use our support.


Anonymous said...

I haven't had time to read all of Froerer's articles, but they seem to be against Proposition 13

Anonymous said...

After reading The County commissioners guest commentary, it is obvious there will be no immediate relief. We need to all ban together and just not pay!

Minor Machman said...

Not paying is not an option although tempting. If I could suggest one thing; we do not want California Prop. 13. Never have! We want homeowner tax protection reform much like prop. 13. And we should be demanding this California Prop 13 propaganda being put out by the real estate/developer lobby campaign stop. We should be requiring information about the other STates (11 or so ) which have passed similar legislation AFTER having had the Ten year and twenty year look-back advantages. You know compare and contrast type stuff.

Minor Machman said...

Oh. And another thing. "The decision of the US Supreme Court in the case of Allegheny Pittsburg Coal Co. vs. County Commission of Webster County, -- the US Supreme Court found non uniform assessment of property to violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment." That is what we have here folks. Non uniform assessment of property and a thinly veiled attempt to politicize; "See we taxed all those rich people up in the Valley so all us are only being taxed $1.39. Reelect us." This is the essence of the wrong-doing and we must make it back-fire on the three stooges or if you prefer the three pigs. Forget trying to teach them to sing. It only wastes our time and annoys these pigs IAW the old adage. They must all be replaced by three "wise men".

Valley said...

Well said Machman! Reassessment of Valley properties two years in a row would certainly be "non Uniform" assessment.

Minor Machman said...

If I knew who you are I would send another very recently written LTE draft which responds to the Terrible Trio we are enduring in the Commissioners seats. If you could see the Hutnsville Aggregate spreadsheet you would also realize the gross non uniform assessments made in my sample of the Valley. But thanks for your support whoever you are.

Valley said...

We appreciate your comments Machman. I am Val, the humble blogmeister of the local Forum.

While we do receive many of your forwarded emails and have seen the Huntsville Aggregate and LTE, we would love to be added to your list. Please send to

Does Machman have something to do with the Speed of Sound?

Thanks for sounding off and check back often.

Keep up the fight!

Minor Machman said...

Well nice to know at least half your name. Seems several of us are doing essentially the same thing and we will need to get organized to be effective. Hope you are advocating that everyone in the Valley get a CMA and appeal their property assessments. I am sending you the Weber County New Growth data. With 93,000 parcels in Weber County a 1.8 BILLION dollar increase in revenue for 2007 equates to roughly a $750 rebate to every parcel owner in the freaking County! So what is this outrageous property tax and Weber River Conservancy District 130% tax increase all for? Inquiring machman minds want to know....

Minor Machman said...

I am no Lawyer but: Allegheney Pittsburg Coal versus Webster County Commissioners: The Supreme Court finding: that the Constitution requires "attainment of a rough equality in the tax treatment of similarly situated property owners." Allegheney gives an indication that great disparity in tax liability was unconstitutionally discriminatory regardless of the assessment scheme utilized." Phyler versus Doe -regarded as the definitive guideline to modern Equal Protection (14 Amendment) analysis. In the majority opinion of Phyler, Justice Brennan says that, "All persons who are similiarly situated or circumstanced are deserving of equivalent treatment."

Weber County Commissioners did not give us fair nor equilivent treatment in our property assessments.

Anonymous said...

Since all that anti-prop 13 garbage submitted by our humble Representative is not accessable in whatever format it is in and confusing people, why don't you just take it down. Our "Humble Representative" is not representing the people but his own best interests as a developer and real estate business owner. Can't believe we elected this guy with all the "divided loyalties" or conflict of interests he has as baggage. He is apparently one of many who have invaded the legislature replacing lawyers...Why can't we elect early retirees who the time, experience and character to have only the best interests of the public they serve as their agenda? Like our Constitutional authors and founders for example.