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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Property Tax Petitions

Update 8-10-07: We have added a link to a detailed briefing on Property tax specifics by Huntsville resident D-Bell
as well as a link to a Standard Examiner Guest Commentary by State Rep and Huntsville resident Gage Froerer.

Update 8-9-07: You may remember a significant tax increase last year as well. Click here to read an archived posting from the Ogden Valley Forum

We have also added one click button links to the Property Tax Petitions mentioned below:

Ogden Valley Property Tax Petition

Huntsville Property Tax Petition (Huntsville Residents Please Sign Both Petitions)

Ogden Valley Residents,

Huntsville Resident D-Bell has been doing extensive research on all of our behalfs with regard to the Outrageous Property tax issue.

He has been compiling substantial information which will benefit anyone and everyone who wishes to challenge their property tax evaluation. Additionally, he has created a petition which was originally planned for Huntsville Town residents, but has been expanded to all Valley residents to create a louder, and hopefully more effective voice.

Click link above to view D-Bell's briefing

For residents of Huntsville, please sign both petitions as we are all Ogden Valley residents.

The Huntsville Town Web site, has a "Property Tax" page with informative information listed, and it will be updated frequently over the next couple of weeks.

We will also try to post the updates on this forum.


Richard L. Sorensen

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