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Friday, August 24, 2007

Property Taxes - A Broken Record?

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With less than a month to challenge your property valuation, we are approaching the end game of our Showdown in the Valley, aka "The Ogden Valley Tea Party." The Valley rumblings are beginning to spill over the mountain, thanks in large part to a series of property tax related articles in the Standard Examiner. Huntsville resident D-Bell and others have also been spreading the word, and today we will post several links to related stories throughout Northern Utah.

First, in yesterday's Standard we read a letter from Huntsville's own Erma Wilson who does a masterful job of illustrating her tax situation as well as that of her youngest son.

While we are looking at letters to the editor, we see that Mr. Allen Miller of Layton has experienced several years of substantial increases.

Davis County residents will receive some immediate relief as a result of their revolt which began a few short days prior to our own, so there is still hope for us - we cannot give up our fight!

We see that Roy will not ask for a tax increase although they have experienced modest appreciation, while new growth has helped to keep the Morgan County tax rate even. We also see that Morgan County's assessed values have increased 20%, compared to 116% in Huntsville Town proper.

Several local residents have suggested a class action suit against the County Commissioners and Assessors to put an immediate halt to our outrageous increases. Lawyers are being consulted and the legal wrangling could be expensive ($10-20K we guess), but if spread over many residents the expense would be minimal. We would like to start compiling an informal list of those interested in putting $100 or more into a legal fund, so please drop us an email if you would be willing to join in the class. Also, be sure to let us know how much you would be willing and able to put into the legal fund.

That's all for now Ogden Valley, be sure to post your comments below.

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