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Monday, August 27, 2007

OVPC Meeting on Tuesday, August 28th 4:30PM

This is an alert for all readers of our blog. The OVPC meeting for tomorrow has a full agenda. Some of the agenda items are
Eden Valley Ranch Cluster Subdivision, Elk Shadow Subdivision, Moose Mountain Estates Phase 1 and the Sage Glen Subdivision in Five Phases.

The new posts below describe other agenda items in more detail. If you have input or concerns regarding any of these agenda items, be at the meeting and/or write your OVPC Commissioners to express your feelings.

Your VCRD Staff

UPDATE - 8-28, 2007: The Ogden Valley Forum and Huntsville Resident Larry Zini was quoted in yesterdays
Salt Lake Tribune

And in the August 28th Standard Examiner, we read a
guest commentary by Eden Resident Richard Evans who tells of interesting phone calls with our elected officials regarding property taxes.


RudiZink said...

You folks got some good ink in today's Salt Lake Tribune.

Check it out:

Rising property taxes have some Utahns looking at California's Proposition 13

Now that you've gotten the attention of the northern Utah print media... it's probably time to REALLY put on the full court press.

Nice work!

Valley said...

Thanks Rudi, quite a story and quite a compliment from a world class blogmeister such as yourself. We are still in the half court game, but are regrouping for a full state press!

Valley said...

Rudi is the esteemed blogmeister of the #1 read Blog in Northern Utah (maybe the entire state).

Weber County Forum