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Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Property Taxes and Riveting Letters

Thanks to our friend at the Standard, Charles Trentleman, for his article this morning entitled "Taxes revolting? Actually, some of us are quite happy." Charlie has long been a friend of us up here in Ogden's Hole and we are hopeful he is creating a Top of Utah - wide public awareness of our dire tax situation.

As he so eloquently illustrates in his cover story, "Taxes Through the Roof," the problem extends well beyond Ogden Valley and its overinflated (and possibly illegal) property assessments.

We also read a riveting letter to the editor from Eden's own Shanna Francis (Ogden Valley News Fame) chiding our arrogant, developer friendly Commissioner Ken Bischoff for his inappropriate conduct during a recent Commission meeting.

Yes, the same commissioner whose son recently received an unprecedented variance for his non conforming Ogden Canyon lots that were previously deemed unbuildable. The same commissioner whose campaign signs were plastered at Ski Lake Village last year. The same commissioner who will not respond to queries or suggestions from his constituents. The same commissioner who refused to sign an ethics pledge.

One of our humble readers tipped us off last November during Bischoff's reelection campaign, but it apparently was too little, too late. January 2011 is a long time, but it looks like we are stuck with him until then.

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe we are really stuck with Bischoff - there is the possibility to initiate a RECALL and dump him ... I am tired of hearing the commissioners tell us one thing and do something else!! Stop electing realtors and developers!

Valley said...

A recall would be very difficult, but we like how you think. Thanks for pitching in.

Larry Zini said...

I am interested in your thoughts on a possible recall. You may write me at Something like a recall should be taken seriously and requires specific reasoning. My name is Larry Zini and I am the Chairman of the VCRD.