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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Powder Mountain Rezone Tabled!

The Powder Mountain Rezone was tabled by the Ogden Valley Planning Commission at the meeting tonight. The Commission has scheduled another hearing on September 24th.

The OVPC commissioners said that they may not be ready to discuss Powder Mountain's request even on that date. They accepted the fact that they must make an intensive study into the status of the 3 pending Ordinances and how they will impact the Powder Mountain request when implemented. This study could push the actual hearing out to October.

There were several people that spoke to the Commission about their opposition to the rezone petition, several effective objections were put forth including the traffic over the Pineview dam with the projected traffic from the increased visitors to Ogden Valley. Other objections from the speakers and Commissioners was the impact on the overall density numbers in our Valley.

We did find out from the Powder Mountain representative that Cache County will not be putting a road to their side of the development, so all increases in construction traffic and visitor traffic will be borne by Ogden Valley roads and residents. The developer's representative gave an example of an average of 10,000 skiers a day and a Christmas-New Years increase of up to 20,000 skier's a day at their new resort. Try to imagine that kind of traffic going across Pineview dam and on your roads throughout Ogden Valley.

The VCRD membership needs to remain vigilant on the Powder Mountain issue. Some people want to stop the entire development, but that may not be possible. If not, we should continue to push the OVPC to table the request until the 3 proposed ordinances are passed and implemented.

Larry Zini
Acting Chairman VCRD

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