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Thursday, August 23, 2007

VCRD Mission Statement

The Valley Citizens for Responsible Development (VCRD) is a registered, nonprofit corporation.

The VCRD Misson Statement:

The general purpose of the VCRD Corporation is to advocate the protection of the rural characteristics and natural resources of the Ogden Valley. The Corporation will review, comment on, and monitor development plans in the Valley, and will engage developers and government officials to ensure that their actions and decisions promote well-planned and sustainable communities in accordance with the Ogden Valley General Plan, and that new development and infrastructure complies with local, state and federal law. The VCRD grew out of a petition of 113 Ogden Valley community members who shared concerns about the development in the Valley.

The VCRD has grown in recent weeks to include new members from all across the Ogden Valley.

We will soon have a complete VCRD Web Site with easy links to the Ogden Valley Forum blog site and other active citizen groups that share our goals.

We do request that if you wish to join the VCRD, please mail the yearly dues of $10 per person ($20 for couples) to
our mailing address:

P.O. Box 115
Huntsville, UT 84317

Please include your mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address so we can update our records and get you into our communication loop.

Remember: Speak up for what you want, or take what you get!

Your VCRD Staff

1 comment:

Valley said...

We at the forum fully support the VCRD in their efforts to make Ogden Valley a better place.

In just a few short months, they have already made great strides and their voice IS being heard at the county offices.

For the price of about two Latte's at Starbucks, you can be a part of this influential group of Valley advocates.