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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ogden Valley spoke loud tonight during the Property Tax Revolt and time will tell how clear we spoke. We told our elected officials we don't care how we got here, but how do we repair it.

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In the mean time, here is some information about California's Proposition 13.

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1 comment:

Valley said...

This post was written by "anonymous" and moved here by the web master for continuity.

I read Gage Froerer's Standard Examiner commentary - I personally am not impressed with the commentary and it appears to be just a center of the road safe political statement from a realtor who is collecting big dollars from Ogden Valley on the backs of its residents!

One reason we are in this spiraling property tax issue is because of the realtors, the investors, the overbuilding and greed going on at Wolf Creek (drive up there and look down the hill some time - its nothing but roof tops!), and the attitude of our county commissioners combined with the fact there is obviously no enforcable guidelines (such as yearly maximum increase percentages) controlling the property tax increases.

In the Nordic Valley/Liberty area investors have been buying from investors and driving the realty prices sky high with property taxes hot on its heels and landlords/weekly renters close behind! (This is yet another issue - county codes without code enforcement but won't go there right know!)

Many of us who have lived here in the valley for many years will eventually be driven out of the valley to make way for rich tourists, weekly renters, and time share owners. (Have you tried to drive down Ogden Canyon lately?)

Although I haven't seen a real poll, many residents have incurred a 40%-50% (or higher) increase in property tax last year on their homes and now this year we have another 40% at least. Raw property has been double that both years!

These increases are based on inflated values and out-of-state investors, and this is what Gage is saying justifies our property tax increases. To put it mildly, to HECK with the inflated values and prices!

I for one would like to create some discussion about drafting a Proposition for Utah (similar to Prop 13/Calif) to establish guidelines and reasonable control over our Property Tax increases that the Weber County Commissioners and Tax Assessor MUST FOLLOW.

The Weber County commissioners obviously are not concerned with this rapid increase - only with maximizing collectable taxes to the maximum extent of the current laws and really do not care about the impact to its residents.

We elected them and now its time for us to establish the guidelines we want them to be bound to!