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Friday, August 17, 2007

Ogden Valley's Tax Revolt and Press Release Form Representative Gage Froerer

UPDATE 8-18-07 (5 am): The Weber Basin Water Conservancy asks for large tax increase - meeting Monday.

From Today's Standard, we read Jamie Lampros' Article about our infamous meeting Wednesday night - or the precursor to Ogden Valley's Tea Party.

Davis County is having their own revolt, although their increases pale in comparison to ours.

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We just received this from Representative Froerer's Office this morning:

August 17, 2007

State Representative Gage Froerer has asked for a special meeting with the Weber County Commission and the Weber County School District to discuss a property tax rebate in Weber County. Froerer is asking for a rebate of taxes to all owners that had property value increase over 25%.

A rebate this year would help those hit hard by the huge increase in value this year and give us the opportunity to correct the problem on a permanent basis at the State level.


Ski Designer said...

Gage Froerer's proposal sounds good at first but is probably not constitutional to begin with. A rebate equates to a lower tax rate for those select few that qualify. A uniform tax rate is required by Utah Constitutional law from what I understand and Gage has stated in his OV News Aug 15 Editorial.

It would also stand to hugely benefit all the land speculators and developers that are seeing their land being valued at the insane high amounts they are actually asking.

The presumption that the only people suffering are those whose taxes are above a certain percentage increase is not correct. Why not a rebate for anyone with an actual tax increase over $250? For most of us the percent rise is not the problem. The actual amount is the problem.

If a rebate actually happens it should be for primary residence only and not include second homes or land. Maybe there should be an income qualification too like under $50,000/year.

The fundamental issue is taxes should not increase dramatically over a single year or several consecutive years without a demonstrated need by our government. Where is the justified need for this huge increase in taxes?

I would like to see Gage focus on getting the tax rate lowered, not on a rebate for only a few of us. There is little argument most of us can make about the market valuation of our homes. The bottom line to me is the amount tax are increased needs to be held at a more reasonable level: through adjustment of the tax rate in concert with the adjustment in market value.

Anonymous said...

For Huntsville Town a 43% rate decrease put the mean, median, and modal tax increase at 25%. Not great considering the 60 to 80% bogus increase last year. Investors buying from investors falsely inflated (along with at least one nefarious broker who has turned real estate into a ponsi scheme) property values by more than $100,000. I agree with what you say but it all is temporary relief and we need prop 13 type protection for the long haul. If G. Froerer fails in his attempts to negotiate with retards, a class action lawsuit must be next. It will give time to pressure legislature into serious tax reform. Davis Co. Commissioners are doing the same thing a day earlier but they had 5.5 million in their unethical hip pockets to give back. Gross mis management, budgeting, and a lack of Truth in Taxation enforcement. D-Bell

Valley said...

I agree Prop. 13 type legislation is necessary, but do not have much faith in the legislature. There are simply too many opponents.

It will take a petition to get the issue on the November 2008 ballot for all Utah residents to vote on.

Anonymous said...

I respect your opinion...don't get me wrong, but a petition is just too "Utah" (think obedient, compilant, Stepford citizen like). Far too slow and expensive to do. We need to organize with other concerned (no outraged) residents across the State and like in Indianapolis - literally march on the Governor's mansion surrounding it (peacefully) 24/7 until he consents to call a special session of the legislature to enact prop 13 tax reform using the best model from across the Country.

You do know that 4,000 sq ft. townhouses over there in Wolf Creek were not even appraised this year resulting in a minus 10% property tax increase (an actual 10% REDUCTION) when the 06 to 07 CTR was applied. The tall cotton housing up there had actually a LOWER CTR both years than the poor folks in Huntsville Town (not the vacation and recreation home owners) You do know this don't you? The assessors are rumored to be "comp'ed" for lunch and green fees at Wolf Creek on a regular weekly basis. Pays off handsomely too apparently. A Class Action Lawsuit would expose these little pecularities and inequities in County Government administration. We do know that Bishoff's son received preferential treatment with his lot in the Canyon. And that, considering how Huntsville Town was raped, is only the tip of the preverbal iceberg. What else is it going to take before these "let them eat cake...besides every one knows those people up in the Valley are rich" bureaucrats are tossed and we demand immediate legislative protection instead of hollow promises?

Anonymous said...

I attended the property tax meeting of Ogden Valley residents August 15th at Snowcrest Jr High. It was very hot there, and I don't mean just the temperature inside the building. Representatives from government entities were there to explain the "taxation base and how it affects property value". The disscussion quickly turned into a heated question/answer session (with very few answers). Most of the residents spoke openly and emotionally about the fear of being taxed out of town, besides the overinflated property values that continue to rise (where is "desireable place to live" on the real estate appraisals for comparison to other regions?) Are we being penalized for helping to make this a wonderful town, even though it lacks such basic state/county services as bus service?
At the wednesday meeting, someone spread "Tea" (bags) all over the parking lot. (taxation w/o rep? Tea Party? Who knows) The point was well made, but the trash remained. I don't think we should violate the cleanliness and beauty of why we have chosen to live here for the sake of political statements. I picked up enough tea trash to have SunTea for the rest of my life! Trina White--Huntsville

Anonymous said...

Agree save the tea bags for the big event and an organized one. We should not litter in protest. We should dramaticaly organize a protest. Our anger and energy need to be focused on change to a grossly abusive tax system out of control. The statisticians at the Assessors office do not understand their own State required statistics. Coefficient of Variance and Coefficient of Dispersion understanding would have screamed out incompetant property assessments IAW Truth in Taxation legislation passed twenty years ago.

Valley said...

Regarding a statewide petition, my only point was that it is doubtful Proposition 13 type relief will pass through the normal legislative process, i.e. calling and writing our reps. to encourage them to support such legislation. There is just too much opposition from Lobbyists representing many power groups. If we want such legislation, it will have to be a citizen’s initiative and a march on the Governor’s mansion would be perfect.

I will gladly and valiantly march along side you and am polishing my marching boots as we speak! Any other marchers? Even half the turnout of the Wednesday night meeting would be impressive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and "Good on ya!". I am thinking of a whole State of outraged citizens showing up by the thousands in organized shifts of about six hours each so no one pitches any tents or anything the "fuzz" can zero in on. Sign making materials in a van or motorhome and if SLC codes allow maybe a bull horn for speech-a-fying and getting the Huntsman's attention. The media have to also be brought on-board as they also have to pay property taxes and therefor should be incentivized. So far at least me, one councilman, and one lawyer in Town have verbally agreed with checkbook at the ready. I am still waiting to hear from the attorney group living either full or part time here in the Valley. My hope is one will step forward like a decent citizen and volunteer to help us out. If not at least advise us and we can hire them if absolutely necessary. I have contacted a guy named Mortenson who created citizens for fairness in taxation and is in Washington DC. He wants to join forces with our effort. We need to "network" with all such organizations in Utah an speak with a very loud and singular voice. "Prop 13 (style) Protection NOW!" Not in 2009 after these same people continue their tax-rape of us all in this State.