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Monday, August 27, 2007

Change in CVR-1 Zone in Huntsville Area

On August 28, 2007 at 4:30PM the Ogden Valley Planning Commission will have their regular meeting. On the Agenda
is a request (ZP #11-07) from new property owners to amend the already approved Residential and Commercial Area Requirements for parcel #20-036-0035 located at the Southwest corner of Old Snowbasin Road and Hwy. 39.

The VCRD and local residents oppose this request for the following reasons:

This property has been rezoned twice before.
• First it was rezoned to CV-2.

The previous owner then petitioned to rezone to CVR-1 so that a condo/tel could be built.

When the original CVR-1 rezoning petition (from CV-2 to CVR-1) was granted it was with limits. Those limits included:

• the maximum sizing of 63,000 sq. ft. (as originally presented by petitioner when she requested rezoning to CV-2),

• a mixture of residential and commercial,

• a minimum of 15,750 sq. ft. of non-lodging type commercial,

• the commercial portion is to be built simultaneously with the condo/tel.

The current CVR-1 zoning with restrictions should have been apparent to the new owners at the time of their due diligence when purchasing the property or before committing moneys to this project.

Lifting of the restrictions would increase the overall size of the building to 72,000 sq. ft., and reduce, or possibly eliminate the requirements for non-lodging type commercial under 9C-5 of the CVR-1 ordinance.

Additionally, on the site plan the new owner is showing a 35 ft height under a conditional use permit increasing the height maximum from 25 ft. to 35 ft.

The VCRD membership and local residents are opposed to any conditional height increase as well. The current town homes (Ski Lake Townhomes) & condos now being built across Hwy 39, are limited to a 25 ft. height along Hwy 39. Some of these condos and townhouses are permitted to be taller than 25 ft. as they build down the slope closer to the water.

The property in question is on the South side of Hwy. 39 and on an upslope. This means that any construction activity will start out higher than the townhouses and condo’s on the North side of Hwy. 39, and if granted a conditional use increase in height, will be much higher overall than other similar units built in the area. This could negatively impact the view lines of the scenic corridor along Hwy. 39.

We ask that this commission recommend denial of this request to amend and lift the restrictions on the CVR-1 zoning for this property and also deny any conditional use increase in the height from 25 ft to 35 ft.

We urge all VCRD members and Valley residents to take a stand against this "shell game" approach to the development planning process. Show up at the meeting and be heard and/or write your OVPC Commissioners.

The VCRD Staff

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