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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kerry Gibson Meets the GEM Committee

Kerry Gibson, a candidate for the Weber County Commission seat B, was a guest speaker at the GEM committee meeting on Wednesday night. The GEM committee plans to host all candidates (Amy Wicks, Drew Johnson and Jan Zogmaister) for the Weber County Commission seats at later GEM meetings this election year.

Mr. Gibson, who lives in West Weber County, came across as a affable yet serious man at the meeting. He is a Dairy Farmer by trade and has served 6 years in the Utah State legislature. He has also formerly served on the West Weber County Planning Commission.

Mr. Gibson talked about his political philosophy and emphasized his commitment to private property rights. His wife’s family lives in the Ogden Valley and he indicated he is aware of the ongoing development issues that concern Ogden Valley residents. He stated he had been briefed on the ongoing Powder Mountain rezone issue.

The Ogden Valley Forum intends to submit written questions to all candidates for the Weber County Commission seats to ascertain their positions on important issues such as Ethics, property development, helicopter activity in the Valley and Ogden Valley zoning changes that will impact our Valley in the future. The candidates responses or lack of responses to those questions will be published on the Ogden Valley blog.

If you have any questions for candidate Kerry Gibson, you may reach him at :


Richard Webb said...

As one who attended the meeting with candidate Gibson (whom I have never before met), I feel it important to mention that in the State Legislature he was very supportive of Gage Froerer's efforts to correct the poor legislation that has allowed the Powder Mountain owners to pursue their onerous development plans.

Tiny Britches said...

Mr. Webb, remember though, Gibson was also part of the legislature that voted 100% for HB466 that created the entire Powder Mountain fiasco in 2007.

Don Quoxite said...

For "Private Property rights" is code for "I support the Utah Association of Realtors" cabal and their racketeering/manipulating legislation favorable to them.

Do not be fooled by the "code" mantra talk. Just realize it for what it is...more of the same: Godfrey and his cronies making development deals, Froerer and his cronies grandstanding and making more Realtor/developer favorable legislation, and more "grandstanding to make fools out of those who continue to vote for these self-serving creeps and weasels".

Dairy farmers are used to jerking tits and milking taxes away from residents.

Thomas Paine said...

The word on the street is that Gibson is just another in a long line of developer and real estate front men that do not have the best interests of the average citizen as a priority. We don't need any more of the Bischoff/Zogmaister leadership but we should let him explain his positions on development, Valley helicopters and run away growth before we judge.

It would be interesting to hear his position on CV-2 zoning (heavy industry) in Ogden Valley. Once that issue gets it's ugly nose in the tent up here, we are in big trouble.

One thing is apparent, he has the strong support of Gage Froerer so you can draw your own conclusions from that.

Ole Ironsides said...

So we should "listen" to a politician who has Realtor/Developer support and then make a giant leap...believing such a person is not disengenuous?

We already know these people lack character and integrity by how they operate and make decisions favorable to themselves.

So why should we even bother to listen to such people?

We need change said...

It seems that these developer friendly people are the main candidates that come forward out of the party in power. It is time for a change, and the voters must make that change. Vote for DREW JOHNSON over Jan Zogmaister and AMY WICKS over Kerry Gibson.

If Ogden Valley residents want to make a political statement for change, that is the way to do it.