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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Realtor donations to Utah Gov. Herbert reach $100K - Is Ethics reform needed?

Utah Association of Realtors (UAR) has a firm grip on politics in Utah

Be sure to read Curmudgeon's latest:

Standard-Examiner Flinches On Herbert Campaign Finance Headline

Curm exposes some headline changes at the Standard with regards to the more than $100K in donations to Hebert's campaign from the Utah Association of Realtors.  Don't forget to read the comments as well.

Regular readers of this forum will remember nearly three years ago when "Minor Machman" exposed the Utah Association of Realtors.  

From the UAR  in 2007:
LEARNING CURVE: Percentage of Utah legislators receiving perfect scores from the Utah Association of Realtors
1999: 6%
2000: 8%
2001: 24%
2002: 31%
2003: 56%
2004: 53%
2005: 60%
Source: Utah Association of Realtors
 Interestingly, the numbers correspond closely with the Realtor/Developer takeover of the legislator which culminated with former UAR President Gary Hebert becoming the Governor of Utah in 2009.

We think Peter Coroon is looking better every day.

1 comment:

White Fang said...

This is no surprise, and Kerry Gibson is part of this whole thing. He is another candidate supported by the real estate group and will bring more of the same pro Real Estate bias to our County.

If you doubt it, check with Gage Froerer and see who he is supporting for Weber County Commissioner.

Nuff' Said