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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Say No to the UEG Petition? Local Resident Thinks We Need To

The Ogden Valley Forum has been calling for Ethics reform for some time.  We have also been promoting the Utahn's For Ethical Government Petition.

Ogden Valley resident Laura Warburton offers a counterpoint in her essay,  

Why We Need to Say NO to the UEG Ethics Petition.

Warburton lists many supporting points and in her conclusion, she states,
The above is just a spattering of unethical aspects of this insidious petition. The UEG ethics petition is nothing more than a (UEA) Utah Educators Association coup. It’s a cleverly disguised weapon to gain power over the Utah state legislators; something they’ve longed for.
We know the results of the Utah Association of Realtors coup, so maybe a UEA coup would not be so bad.


Time for a change said...

The trouble with Warburton is she is in the pocket of the Republican/Real Estate power structure and always has been. These people don't want any meaningful restrictions on their ability to pocket the gifts and campaign contributions.

That power structure is afraid of any legislation that will curb the money flowing in from special interest groups to their pockets.

Warburton is supporting Kerry Gibson, and that should tell you everything about her agenda and what he is all about.

If you think ethics are important by our leaders, use you own judgement on this.

Only A matter of Time said...

The "essay" reads just like the Republican Mantra - opposed because of independent council, teachers taking over the legislature, etc.

The predominant party will continue to function unethically and continue to oppose correcting their mistakes (house bill 4-- that created PM town)until there is some REAL oversight.

Signing the petition is only to get the issue on the ballot so the issue will go to a vote of the people. What are they afraid of? Fewer Realtor cronies in the house?


Consider the source.

RudiZink said...


Them evil schoolteachers strike again!

Laura Warburton is the complete Idiot

Nevada Smith said...

If you read the first two information posts about unlimited contributions, it is clear to anyone that major ethics reforms are needed in Utah.

I echo another earlier comment, what in the world are the legislators that oppose this worried about? There is a crisis in Utah regarding the ethics of our legislators and they don't want to change anything.

I'm no fool.. said...

I don't think she is an idiot, but she definitely drinks the republican party Kool Aid. I am a little confused, though.

Is she a Republican delegate?

If so, why was she at the democratic convention?

Is there a list of delegates on line?

One small step above a used car salesman said...

Now don't shoot the messenger as she is probably not an idiot. She did a good job of researching the issue and simply came up with a different view than me.

Many of the items she claims are bad may not be so bad in light of our political climate of recent years. I choose teachers over Realtors too.

RudiZink said...

My latest on this topic...

A Quick Rebuttal to My Friend Laura Warburton's Ill-considered Anti UEG Ethics Petition Hit Piece

In my view, good Republicans should be leading the charge on ethics reform.

Sadly, many of them are dragging their feet instead.