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Monday, May 31, 2010

Letters To The Editor of The Ogden Valley News regarding the Powderville Hostage Crisis

The June 1, 2010 issue of the Ogden Valley News was stuffed with letters from residents concerned over the outcome Powderville.

We have scanned all of the letters and will include them below in no particular order.  We will, however, post the "Open Letter to the Citizens of Ogden Valley" first, as it is signed by several of the Powderville hostages.

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Ogden Valley
By Dan VanZeben,
Darla Longhurst-VanZeben
Taylor Satterthwaite
Jim Halay
Deja Mitchell
Kathy Dowell
Suzanne Amann

Community Being Asked to Weigh in on Controversial County Decision on Powder Mountain Development  (note:  this is not a letter to the editor but a cover story written by one of the editors of the Ogden Valley News)

By Shanna Francis

A Bad Deal For Ogden Valley
By Kimbal Wheatley

What Is To Happen To Our Valley
By Larry Zini

Courage Needed To Face Powder Mountain Developer
By Frank Cumberland

A Community Worth Saving
By Laura Warburton

Powdervillains Hold Hostages
By Sharon Holmstrom

Valley Citizens Should Not Drink the Cool-Aid Offered by Powder Mountain Developers
By Richard C. Webb

Unlink Eden Heights development from Powder Mountain MOU
By Steve Clarke

Don't Sell the Utah Supreme Court Short!
By Sharon Zini

Please Attend County Commission Hearing to Indicate Support Against Powder Mountain Proposal
By Edward A. Adair

Attend Public Hearing on June 1 - Democracy works best when people participate
By Kirk Langford

After perusing the twelve letters (probably the most letters the OVN has ever printed in one issue on a particular subject), we were able to break them down into three categories:

  • In Favor of the MOU         1
  • Against the MOU              10
  • Neutral (come together)    1


    Richard said...

    Letter sent to the Commissioners this morning:


    First off, thanks for all of your dedicated work over the month's (years) on the Powder Mountain issue. I know Craig has dedicated his life to the issue for many months and I sincerely appreciate it.

    In a recent Standard Examiner article, Commissioner Zogmaister said she wanted to hear input from residents. I have been watching the issue and have studied the MOU several times (both original and updates) and still come to the same conclusion - Powder Mountain's proposal is too extreme.

    While you have undoubtedly received many letters containing both nonsense and common sense, mine will be one of pure emotion.

    Public Hearing

    As a town council member of the only incorporated municipality in Ogden Valley, I know how the process works and know that often the public hearing is simply a formality. More often than not, my mind is made up prior to the hearing, and we are forced to hold a public hearing to satisfy SB 60.

    However, on a rare occasion, my mind has changed during the hearing after listening to just one more concern or after realizing the majority of those I represent are opposed to the issue at hand.

    I know that I would go to great lengths to protect some innocent land owners (as you have already done), but there is no way I could vote for something that would have such a detrimental effect on so many other residents and visitors alike. I hope you will feel the same way.

    Long term Resident

    As a citizen whose kids are 3rd generation Huntsville residents, I will go to great lengths to protect the valley in which I was fortunate enough to grow up in. Powder Mountain should get EVERY single entitlement they had when they purchased the property, but why should they get even one more unit?

    If they were being reasonable, then I could possibly see giving them a 5 or 10% bonus, but twice their entitlement is overreaching at best. There has been no event during my 45 years in Ogden Valley that will have such a negative impact on the Valley and her residents. Traffic and water quality will degrade, and the quality of life as we know it will cease to exist.

    I will keep it brief as you surely have a busy day planned before the hearing, but my vote is unequivocally NO.

    Thanks again for your efforts and consideration.

    Richard Sorensen

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