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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is the ACLU relevant in Utah?

Whilst sitting down this morning to post a  story about this morning's Standard Guest commentary by Larry Zini, we realized that Rudi had gotten up a bit earlier this morning and penned this most excellent rant.

Standard-Examiner Guest Commentary: Is the ACLU Relevant in Utah?

Where the hell has the Utah ACLU been during the entire several year pendency of the Powder Mountain matter?

We can't say it any better than that; however, Zini makes many good points and we will highlight just a couple:
In many other areas of the United States this would be just the kind of issue the ACLU would be ready to actively support, but despite repeated attempts to get them involved on the side of the affected Powder Mountain homeowners, the ACLU has made no effort to investigate or help.

There could be reasons that the ACLU has ignored the plight of the Powder Mountain homeowners. First, the affected homeowners are not minorities, but simply citizens who have been denied equal protection under a flawed law passed in the Utah State Legislature.

It is also possible that the ACLU is intimidated by the power structure in the State of Utah and is reluctant to get involved in a high profile case that may embarrass some state politicians. Either scenario is unacceptable.
 We note that the ACLU has jumped right in on the high profile Arizona immigration issue.

What say ye Ogden Valley-ites - Is the ACLU relevant in Utah?

1 comment:

The Wizard said...

Yeah, the ACLU is relevant only if you present them with a high profile issue. They don't seem to care about the working stiffs that aren't a minority, gay or poor. When you note that 45% of people in this country do not pay taxes, we must all be poor.