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Monday, May 24, 2010

Powder Mountain Update: The Standard Examiner Sez "Compromise Appears Close" - UPDATED

Updated with Questions posed from an Eden resident with answers from the Weber County Planning Director.  Scroll Down to view...

We will take the easy way out this morning and leave the commentary up to the folks at the Weber County Forum.

Don't miss Rudi's rundown:

Powder Mountain Update: The Standard Examiner Sez "Compromise Appears Close"

Be sure to read Rudi's commentary carefully, especially near the end of item 1 where he states:
Whether the developer kicked up its demands during the litigation phase of negotiations we don't know; but based on the original proposed numbers, it would appear to us that the only compromising that's occurring with respect to the original "density" proposal would be on the Weber County Commission's part.
Jan Zogmeister says she wants citizen comments, so give her your comments:
I really am at a wait-and-see point," said Weber County Commissioner Jan Zogmaister.  "I've watched the whole thing progress for a couple years, so I am willing to hear it, but I also really would like to hear the input from the citizens who will be directly affected by this. ...   The whole thing has been to represent the citizens in this agreement."
 Contact Ms. Zogmaister and her friends at:

CommissionerJan Zogmaister
Commissioner Craig Dearden
Commissioner Ken Bischof

Shelly Halacy, Administrative Assistant to the Weber County Commission


Weber County Commission
2380 Washington Blvd. Suite 240
Ogden, UT 84401

UPDATE:  May 25, 2010 @ 10 PM

One of our humble Eden residents asked Weber County for answers to a few questions.  Here is the response:

Original Message-----
From: Scott, Robert
Friday, May 21, 2010 5:55 PM
Cc: Pierce, Nate; Bischoff, Kenneth A.; Dearden, Craig; Zogmaister, Jan M.
Subject: RE:
Powder Mountain Rezone

Here is the information you requested regarding the Powder Mountain Rezone.

1.    Was the “draft MOU” prepared by the applicant or Weber County?

The initial draft was prepared by the applicant.

2.    Was the “draft MOU” prepared with any input from Weber County staff or Commission?

Negotiations were conducted with the County Commission with staff input.

3.    Will the Planning office please provide the citizens of Weber County a simple chart showing density differences between the current zoning and that which is being proposed by the MOU.

A staff report is being prepared that will have some comparative information.

Rob Sig 1

     Robert O. Scott, AICP
     Weber County Planning Director


Ron Gleason said...

Let's be clear EVERY citizen of OV will affected if this MOU is accepted. If the MOU is accepted then the hostages will be freed from a new town but they will be affected by the commissioners giving away development rights to the developers.

the statement from MS Zogmaister is disturbing in that it appears that the only people she wants to hear form and will listen to are the current hostages.

Judge Joe Brown said...

Absolutely! The 100 residents are being held hostage, but many of the remaining several thousand Ogden Valley residents supported their legal fight. They did not support the fight to be SOLD OUT.

This is a lose-lose proposal for everyone except the developers.

Wait for the Supreme Court decision.

Whistler said...

When Zogmaister says she wants to hear from the people who are directly affected by this, she is thinking just the hostages, we know it really means everyone who lives in Ogden Valley.



Someone--anyone--please, PLEASE point out even one provision of the draft MOU that was written by, or even suggested or insisted upon, by Weber County staff or Commission. Nice dodge in avoiding the question entirely by Rob Scott. Wouldn't it be nice to know whether there was real negitiation of the MOU provisions, or whether (as it appears) the perps simply plunked this version down and said "This is as good as it's going to get. Sign here."