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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Details of the great Ogden Valley Sellout available on Weber County's web site

The staff report for the upcoming Public hearing (aka, the Great Sellout of Ogden Valley) is available on the Weber County web site.

Click here to study this 26 page masterpiece

In it, you will find a time line of the events related to Powderville and some really cool maps.

To remind us all of the date, we have included this handy countdown clock.

Maybe the commissioners need to move the meeting over to the Dee Events Center.

Let's pack 'em in next Tuesday!


Squirt said...

It is a sad fact that some people in the Valley will be hurt if the Weber Commissioners grows some backbone and denys the excessive density demanded by the Powder Mountain owners. These homeowners will be forced into an incorporation against their will, but remember, Powder Mountain does not really want the incorporation either, it is just leverage to attempt to get their way on density.

Many people have supported the hostage/homeowners with money, effort and enthusiastic support. The central issue is much bigger than just the incorporation, it will impact our Valley for many years and it could result in another Park City.

This incorporation is the result of greedy developers, and a sleepwalking legislature that allowed a bill to pass that was flawed and negatively impacted the civil rights of Utah citizens.

walk in the light said...

Sadly, while some of the legislators were sleepwalking, there were definitely some who had to know of the "unintended consequences." They probably didn't even consider them "unintended."