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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amy Wicks meets the GEM Committee

Amy Wicks, one of the two candidates for the Weber County Commission seat B this November was the guest at the GEM Committee meeting at the Huntsville Town Hall last night.

Amy said she works for a private firm that provides support to abused children. She has also been elected to two terms as an Ogden City Council member.

Amy appears to be a straightforward, self confident candidate, and easily fielded questions on many wide ranging subjects about Ogden Valley and Weber County.

Ms. Wicks stated she is a supporter of private property rights, but also of long range planning and zoning. She indicated she is not a supporter of Eminent Domain where government agencies can simply take peoples’ land when they deem it is appropriate.

When asked about Ethics Reform, Amy stated it is needed in Utah and she does support meaningful ethics reform for our legislature.

She was asked her opinion about the MOU Powder Mountain has before the Weber County Commissioners. Amy said she did not see any compromise on the part of Powder Mountain in the MOU.

Amy was asked about the difficulty of running as a Democrat in Weber County. She responded that she has been mostly nonpartisan in her political career on the Ogden City Council, and it is difficult to get the financial campaign support needed running as an independent. She plans to address most issues with a nonpartisan approach.


Tiny Britches said...

What a breath of fresh air. No Real Estate connections, no reference to business as usual. Amy may be the one we are looking for that cares about what happens in the Valley and is willing to stand up for the Valley residents.

Larry and Sharon Zini said...

If you wish to support Amy Wicks for the Weber County Commission seat B, go to:

or mail your campaign contribution to:

Amy Wicks for Weber County Commissioner
P.O. Box 6131
Ogden, UT 84401

OgdenLover said...

In case anyone is wondering,with Amy, what you see is what you get. She has consistently fought hard for the citizens of Ogden in her time on the City Council.