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Saturday, April 24, 2010


* Utah is one of only ten states without an independent ethics commission.
* Utah is one of only five states without campaign contribution limits.
* Utah has been graded F and D- on its disclosure reporting.
* 85% of Utahns want legislative ethical reforms.
The Ethics Initiative:
* Gifts by lobbyists and corporations to legislators
* Campaign donations being spent for personal use
* Shifting your donation to other campaigns
* Paid lobbyists from serving as legislators
* Unlimited contributions-places caps on donations
Establishes an Independent Ethics Commission which:
* Applies a strict ethical code for legislators
* Creates ethics training for legislators & staff
* Hears complaints of ethical violations by
legislators and recommends sanctions to the
legislature where merited

If you wish to read the Petition, click here to view in PDF format.

Don't miss this morning's excellent Standard-Examiner editorial, by the way, in which the SE editorial board makes a strong case for a renenergized UEG effort in Weber County to qualify the Citizens' Ethics Initiative for the 2012 ballot:

OUR VIEW: Walk the ethics talk

UPDATE:  Our friends at the Weber County Forum also weigh in on the issue with this.

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