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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bischoff Defeated 377 - 126 -- Change is Coming!

Ogden Valley and Weber county residents will see change in 2011 as Weber County Commissioner Bischoff was soundly defeated during Saturday's Weber County GOP convention.  Don't miss these sage comments by "Time for a change" in response to this morning's Weber County Forum report.   

While we assume he has done some good for some in the County, on many occasions over the years, we at the forum have tried to contact Mr. Bischoff via phone and email, and not once has he responded.

We hope our replacement commissioner will remember the citizens whom he or she is supposed to represent.

Don't miss the rest of the comments below the post, then be sure to return here to add your 2 cents.

By Time for a change

What great news for Weber County citizens that Ken Bischoff will no longer be a member of the Weber County Commission after November.

Goodbye and good riddance. He was never a friend of the citizens of Ogden Valley with his rude and boorish behavior while on the Commission.

He was the one Commissioner that seldom responded to e-mails or telephone calls from citizens, and acted like he worked for the developers and real estate people rather than the citizens of Weber County.

There was also a little matter of when he refused to recuse himself from a hearing on a property issue in Ogden Canyon that somehow resulted in a favorable ruling for a family member.

We now have a wide open race for that County Commission seat and we all should support Amy Wicks. It is time for the people of Weber County to stand up and be counted for a needed change in philosophy and attitude with our elected officials.


Amen Brother said...

good post "time for change".

I agree. On a couple of occasions I have tried to make contact with Biscoff and my calls/emails were never returned or responded to.

Banjo Strummer said...

This election year is a real opportunity to make a change in the Weber County leadership. Kerry Gibson's voting record in the legislature appears to be right along the lines of the current power structure we have learned to despise and mistrust. He may be a good guy, but there is no question he is part of the political thinking that we must change.