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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Amy Wicks For the Weber County Commission

Amy Wicks For the Weber County

The Ogden Valley Forum supports Amy Wicks for the Weber County Commission. Amy has shown to be a skilled politician and a highly regarded Ogden City Council member.

If you would like to work on her campaign go to

If you wish to financially support Amy Wicks in her run, please send your contribution to:

Amy Wicks for Weber County Commissioner
P.O. Box 6131
Ogden, UT 84401


Time for a change said...

We need change in the makeup of the Weber County Commission. It sounds like Amy would be a welcome change and she can bring a fresh approach. The current Commission doesn't give Ogden Valley a second look.

Freedom said...

Why? Have any solid reasons? Voting records? Personal experiences? Leadership skills? Accomplishments? I'll check her resume out but I would like to know real life experience from a living human being. What is the fresh approach you are anxious for?

And please try and refrain from sarcasm. Let's just have an adult conversation without having to slam anyone.


OVrez said...

I would like to learn more. Why can no one answer Freedom? That seems a little scary... Why would I vote for some one this way? I am not a robot and cannot believe this forum can expect its readers to be so stupid to vote for someone without any reasoning, "because I said so" does not work for me.

Let the light shine in said...

Check out her history in Ogden. She served as Council chair and has helped let the light shine in on governmental issues. Transparency is the word.

Renzo said...

OVrez, you are missing the point. There is a choice to vote for whomever you wish. Do some research and find out what Amy and any other candidates have done to help the average citizen in Ogden City or Weber County. Then make your judgement. After that, you can cast your vote anyway you wish.

If you want to learn more, that is smart and will make you a better involved citizen.