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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Saga of SB 269

Early today, we received an e-mail from a Powder Mountain (Town) homeowner stating that he had discovered an active Senate bill sitting in committee with the number SB269.

When the homeowner read the content of bill, it became clear that this bill, sponsored by Senator J. Stuart Adams was intended to empower the County Governments so they could enter into written agreements with property owners in order to reach a settlement on active litigation. The bill went on to state they could act “WITHOUT PRIOR CONSIDERATION OF OR RECOMMENDATION FROM THE PLANNING COMMISSION.”

The ramifications of such a bill would be insidious. The fact that a Utah State Senator would draft such a bill with that language and intent is difficult to comprehend. It is also obvious this bill was intended to target the current Powder Mountain issue with the Weber County Commission.

State Representative Gage Froerer contacted us later in the day and told us that SB269 could not get through the House and would not succeed.

This state and its citizens have seen enough poorly conceived legislative bills that are detrimental to the state’s residents and appear only to benefit developers.


Wake up Call said...

What ever happened to legislators that were looking out for their constituents? What kind of a demented Senator would author and support such a bill?

The arrogance of some of our state legislators on this and the ethics issue, is a clear indication that changes need to be made in the makeup of our legislature.

Machster said...

Senate Bill 269 is simply a rewrite of Froerer's HB 296!

First Substitute H.B. 296

Representative Gage Froerer proposes the following substitute bill:

Chief Sponsor: Gage Froerer
Senate Sponsor: Dan R. Eastman

General Description:
This bill modifies county and municipal land use development and management provisions relating to subdivisions.

Highlighted Provisions:
This bill: eliminates a requirement for a planning commission recommendation before a
person may record a subdivision plat; and requires county and municipal land use authorities to give notice and hold a public
hearing before approving a subdivision plat.

Blogger comment...the public hearing part was an attempt to get it passed and was not a part of the original language. In other words, this was simply another Utah Association of Realtors attempt to undermine public and community voices from their own community development. And ya know what. This garbage damn near passed. In fact the only members of the House who voted against it where: Allen,Fisher,Janice,Litvack,Newbold,Becker,Holdaway,and McGee. The House in other words unanamously PASSED this garbage and gross neglect of private property rights sixty-one (61) Yea to seven (7) Nay votes.

The Senate Yeas numbered thirteen (13) and included Bramble,Dmitrich, Greiner,Killpack,Waddoups,among others (see Those who voted against this Realtor bull crap bill numbered fifteen (15). And there was one (a Realtor/Developer by profession who was absent, e.g. Wayne Niederhauser (Al Mansell's handpicked replacement as he had taken a leave of absence to go be the National President of the Realtor's Association). This Froerer Bill could have and likely would have passed without Niederhuaser's absence.

Now I ya think a Tiger can change its stripes?

Who is "paying attention" now?

googlegirl said...

HB 296 (2007)
HB 296 Substitute (2007)
H.B. 296 Substitute Approval of Subdivisions (Froerer, G.) - Bill Status.Votes

Send in the Clowns said...

These kinds of bills are always lurking out there with this legislature. Citizens should be wary and follow the action in Salt Lake City.

It is time for changes in the makeup of our legislature. This is a classic example of a good boys club (and a few women).