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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Demolition Days / Historic Huntsville school is coming down, and residents wonder why

Huntsville residents have been watching in disbelief the last few days as the old Valley School building has been coming down.  Di Lewis was Johnny-on-the-spot (or maybe Suzy-on-the-spot would be more appropriate) with this article in the Standard.

Demolition Days / Historic Huntsville school is coming down, and residents wonder why

Many of the locals feel like the heart of the community has been taken away.  From the article:

"People are just sad about it," said Huntsville Mayor Jim Truett. "It's sad to see it go."
Many are third-, fourth- and even fifth-generation Huntsville residents, he said, and seeing the school they, their parents and their children went to coming down is very difficult.
Others are just upset about what they see as waste.
Doug Allen, a 50-year Huntsville resident, said he is not particularly nostalgic but feels that destroying a school and building a new one is a waste of taxpayer money.
Huntsville resident John Posnien was watching the demolition with Allen and said the school district gave up the best location.
In Huntsville, some children are able to walk to school, the streets have little traffic and the Ogden Valley Branch of the Weber County Library was built across the street because the school was there, Posnien said.
He said residents feel school district officials were sneaky about moving the location of the new school.
"It was done subversively. It was cut-and-dried and you couldn't even talk to them about it."
Truett said the city wasn't even notified about the vote on moving the school and city officials were stonewalled when they tried to talk to school district officials.

RIP Ole' Valley!

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