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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Counter Attack!

Guest Post by Cujo

Counter Attack!!  Last Saturday's paper indicated that Rep. Froerer was
approached by the powdervillahns to dissolve Powder Mountain Town in exchange
for our giving up the valley to them. Everybody should E-mail Rep. Froerer
and tell him any deal with the powdervillahns should include a plan for
revegetation of wolf creek trail and a new access road with a less than seven
degree pitch. If possible,it should require the powdervillahns to submit to the
Weber County permitting process without exception. E-mail GFROERER

Boycott!    Nobody with whom you carry on a discussion or communicate
should ever give money to patronize Powder. Tell the truth.


wiener said...

" in exchange for our giving up the valley to them."

Wolf Wolf!!!!

The article doesn't say "in exchange" for anything.

Lets get all worked up over . . . . . the idea that the developer is dropping the incorporation attmpt. I thought this was what you wanted?

Jimmy Dean said...


Do you really think the developer would drop the incorporation attempt and require nothing in exchange?

You really are a wiener - a very small Oscar Meyer wiener.