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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Early Report From Capital Hill: Powder Mountain Will Withdraw The Petition To Incorporate

UPDATE:  More sketchy details below.

The "deal" is still under wraps, but a source close to the negotiations between Powder Mountain, The Weber County Commissioners, members of the citizens group, Representative Gage Froerer and Senator Alan Christensen tell us that "they have conceptually agreed to terms that would include the withdraw of the petition to incorporate."

We will be crossing our fingers and toes in anticipation of the details being released about the "deal," but hope the commissioners did not give away the 'farm' so many have worked on for decades in the form of zoning ordinances, master plans and the general plan. 

We also hope the public will be offered an opportunity to provide input through the public process.

After all, the devil is in the details! 

UPDATE 2-12-10

Lips are still tight regarding the 'conceptual agreement' but we will offer this.  According to Gage Froerer, there is no SIGNED agreement.  Furthermore, Gage has stated that his legislation does not go away until and unless the incorporation is pulled from the table.

It has also been suggested that any "deal" will be contingent upon full citizens input and the proper public hearings.  This will take some time. 

With that in mind, we must keep our eye on the ball and be ready to pressure the Senate with mass emails and capital visits when the time is right.   

Stay tuned!


Pistol Pete said...

The withdrawal of the incorporation petition is only one aspect of this Powder Mountain issue. The Valley citizens were concerned about the plans for a "Mega Resort" at Powder Mountain long before the town incorporation was filed.

The issues of traffic, safety, single road access, pollution, and water eating golf courses at 7,000 feet are just a few of the negative results that could still be a result of an out of control expansion of Powder Mountain.

All citizens of Ogden Valley should urge the Weber County Commission to revisit the 19
conditions recommended by the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.

Naivety said...

At this point, I think we would be naive to play politics. These people have proven to be highly manipulative and decietful. I say move forward with the bills to allow the immediate dissolution of Powder Mountain Town.

Vote them OUT said...

BEWARE Citizens of OV! Hope I'm wrong - BUT - any time a deal is struck with Weber County Commissioners, you can bet the Citizens will be the lowester priority ...