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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gage Froerer's HB 218 is Finally Assigned to Senate Committee - It is time to LOBBY!

From our friends at the beloved Weber County Forum, we find that:

Gage's bill has now been assigned to the Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Standing Committee, for 8:00 a.m, on Thursday, which committee hearing will be the last procedural hurdle before it's moved onto the Full Senate, for an up/down vote.
 To view this most excellent post in its entirety, click here.    There you will find Rudi's handy

2010 Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Standing Committee contact link page

From there, you can contact the Committee members to enlist their support of this important piece of legislation (of course we think it is the MOST important piece this year as well as last).

Now is the time Ogden Valley.  The 2010 legislative session is at its mid point and there is still much work to be done as extreme opposition toward HB 218 still exists.

Our efforts are gaining steam as one of the most powerful lobbying groups on the hill, the Utah League of Cities and Towns, has dropped their opposition to HB 218.  They lobbied strongly against the Disincorporation bill in 2009 as well.

Also, one of the largest newspapers in the State, the Salt Lake Tribune, recently voiced their support of HB 218 in a recent editorial.

It is time to ride the momentum.  Start sending those emails and make some phone calls.  Your neighbors deserve their constitutional right to vote!

1 comment:

Zipper said...

Valley residents, let's get going on this issue! Take the link "sending those e-mails" and let our Senators on that committee know what your feelings are.

We need everyone's support on HB 218.