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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

HB 218 Under Intense Fire! It is time for Ogden Valley To Step It Up!

HB 218 is under fire in committee and in fact has been taken off the table as Rudi reported today on the Weber County Forum.

Show time is NOW!  The legislative session will be over before we know it and our friends at Powder Mountain will pull the rug out from under our Powderville neighbors if we don't step it up - FAST and HARD!

Residents have become complacent and the Powdervillians seem to be wearing down the rank and file of Ogden Valley.  Once upon a time,  a  petition garnered over 600 online signatures in support of similar legislation.  To date, the 2010 version of the petition only has a paltry 218 signatures.

A recent fund raiser for Powderville victims was a sellout.  Ogden Valley residents have a history of banding together when times get tough, and now is that time.

Make it happen Ogden Valley Faithful!!  Tomorrow may be too late!!

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ladeydi said...

That (Powdervillians) should be spelled Powdervillains. More appropriate, don't you think?