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Friday, February 12, 2010

Gage Froerer's H.B. 218 Passes in the House By a Stunning 63-0 Vote

This just in and we will refer you to the Weber County Forum for details along with audio from today's meeting.

Be sure to catch an update to yesterday's post regarding a "deal" in which Powder Mountain will withdraw their petition.  See below.


Pistol Pete said...

Gage Froerer is going to need the support of every Valley resident to pass his bill in the State Senate!!!! Contact each Senator in the legislature to voice your support for his bill. There is serious opposition to this bill in the Senate, let them know how you feel!


Who is this little worm Stuart Adams? How did he get appointed? Who is hiring/financing/paying him? Is the web of secrecy in the Utah Legislature so impenetrable that we cannot discover where his money is coming from, and expose it? Are he and his string-pullers afraid of nothing?

Black Tooth said...

Stuart Adams is a little guy that tries to pretend he is a bully. He is in the pocket of the special interests as you can figure out. He does not care about the civil rights of Utah citizens, he only cares about developer successes.

Grizelda said...
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