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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Contact The House Government Operations Standing Committee ASAP

From Rudi At The Weber County Forum

We spoke last evening with Rep. Froerer, who urged us to put up a link to contact all members of the House Government Operations Standing Committee, who will again find this matter [House Bill 218] back on their agenda on Friday. In that connection we've put together this bulk email contact link, which will allow readers who are concerned about passage of this bill to register their support in one single email:
2010 House Government Operations Standing Committee Contact Links
We've been railing about disenfranchisement of Ogden Valley citizens for several years. Let's not let this bill now fail through our complacency. C'mon, gentle readers. Let's get those emails flowing now. We'll also suggest that those who've already sent emails to Rep. Froerer should send duplicates to the full committee via our newly bulk contact link. 

We can't pull any punches now - LET 'EM HEAR FROM US!


blackrulon said...

Why do I have the feeling that the only written comments that will be considered are those that arrive in the form of a campaign contribution?

Skip The Dog said...

If you want to keep track on the progress of HB 218 you can go the site below:

At that site you can also select to have e-mail notification when there is activity with this particular Bill. At some point we need to know at which committee hearings, public input is solicited. Also as the Bill approaches certain committees we need to know that who are that particular committee’s members and how you communicate your feelings about this Bill prior to their vote.