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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mayhem or Mountain of Fun?

Powder Mountains PR nightmare continues with this front page masterpiece from the Standard.

Time is short today, but we will copy a portion of the original Kimbal Wheatley Manifesto written in February, 2008.

Mr. Wheatley writes:
We will make it clear that we will do everything possible to make sure any and all liabilities associated with the people who are injured or die on Powderville roads will land squarely in their lap. For example, two-to-three times the density means at least two-to-three the accidents. Based on the PERPS own traffic analysis, the excessive density will result in a lot of dead and injured people (based on the last six years, we can expect 40 dead people every six years from brake failure alone). UDOT and the Ogden Valley Planning Commission have weighed in on the risks of exceeding the capacity of the roads when there are limited options for improving safety (especially in Ogden Canyon, at Pineview dam and on Powder Mountain road), so it should be relatively easy to put the death and injury liability on the PERPS or its puppet town council where it belongs.
Prophetic or simple actuarial statistics??

God Speed Tanner Krahenbuhl - this one's for you!

We will end with a post from a very wise contributor to the Standard Forum:

By: MXFan @ 08/31/2009, 11:54 PM

Sad for everyone involved. The MX people that have posted on here need to take something into account. After reading through these comments, the local residents are not attacking the RV driver or the MX community, they are criticizing the developers. Keep in mind, many of the locals have seen this small community grow around them. With this expansion, they have seen accidents and tragedy increase ten fold. Their comments are directed to the Powder Mtn developers. If you build it, they will come is the saying, but keeping them safe when they do come is equally important. Many feel that Powder Mtn bears the responsibility of that. The locals are voicing that once again after this accident. The locals are not badmouthing motocross or the participants. They are using this as another sad example as to why Powder Mtn should spearhead the effort to make the road to their facility safer for everyone else that comes. There seems to be plenty of income flowing to this facility, but not to the roads that lead to it. It seems like the residents are more concerned than the developers. Prayers for the families involved.


Anonymous said...
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Tiny Britches said...

Dear Anonymous, in reading top to bottom your comments it seems like the event, and money are your first priorities and not the death of this innocent boy. That certainly is a telling trait, I pity you!

The Viking said...

Good post comment by MXFan- you have really put this all of this in the proper perspective. The issue is not about the event last weekend, it is about the choice of location for an event of that size at Powder Mountain.