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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fatal Accident on Powder Mountain Road

Updated 8-31-09 @ 2:30 PM (scroll down)

A fatal rollover accident on Hwy. 158 Sunday evening once
again has highlighted the dangers and steep grades that exist on Powder Mountain Road.

The existing single road to Powder Mountain is a difficult and dangerous road at best. It has several grades that exceed 13% and has been the site of numerous accidents in recent years, including a number of fatalities. According to UDOT, there is virtually no room to improve or widen this road and no modifications can be made to lessen the grades, which are hazardous for drivers any time of the year.

This is the latest incident to reinforce the opposition by many Ogden Valley residents to any large expansion at the Powder Mountain resort that would result due to the incorporation of the proposed town.

Blogmeister Update:

Click here to view the story on KSL and be sure to read the pithy comments.

Click here to read this morning's article in the Standard and be sure to view the video footage.

It was a huge weekend for Life Flight as they made some 6 - 8 flights to area hospitals.

In response, Powder Mountain President and CEO Greg Greer said,

Injuries are to be expected at motocross events, Greer said.

"It's part of the sport," he said, adding a medical helicopter was on standby throughout the event. "They (riders) go fast, they go high and when they fall they break things."

The motocross is expected to gross about $100,000 for Powder Mountain, said Greer.

That makes it all worthwhile?

From Friday's Standard:

EDEN — Two motocross riders were injured in separate accidents at Powder Mountain’s motocross track Thursday afternoon. The first accident occurred around 2:15 p.m. and the second at 3:30 p.m., according to Carolyn Daniels, a spokeswoman for Powder Mountain. Names of the riders and details about the accidents were not released but Daniels said both individuals were transported by helicopter to a local hospital. The riders were among more than 200 practicing on the course for a motocross competition this weekend.
And From Saturday's Standard:
EDEN — Two more motocross racers were taken to hospitals by helicopter ambulance Friday for treatment of injuries they incurred while preparing for the motocross races being held this weekend. The first incident occurred at 11 a.m. Friday, said Weber County Sheriff’s Lt. Phillip Howell. He said a 35-yearold Sandy man crashed and suffered multiple bone fractures. He was transported to McKay-Dee Hospital. The second incident happened at 2:30 p.m.A 21-year-old male was taken to the University of Utah Hospital. While Howell said his injuries are still unknown, he was unconscious when the call was made and when he was flown to the hospital. Two racers also were injured in practice racing Thursday. No information on their conditions or their names was released.
After all, they made $100K

UPDATE 8-31-09 @ 2:30 PM

The Standard Examiner has identified the victim as
Tanner Krahenbuhl, 16, from Henderson, Nevada.

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And from the Weber County Forum, click here.


googlegirl said...

1 dies, 2 injured in RV rollover

Whistler said...

Can anyone imagine what that road would be like if they ever were to build the so called "Mega Resort" up there?

Just imagine 8 to 10 times the amount of traffic on heavy days, not only on the road, but throughout the Ogden Valley.

This is our future if we don't stop this town incorporation!

Anonymous said...
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sad but true said...

Were there two casualties? Did one of the riders die? Oh well, that's just the cost of doing business, right? After all, they made $100 K.

Who cares if a few got walked on (killed) in the process.

$100,000 in blood money!

Anonymous said...
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Space said...

Maybe we should outlaw driving (or building roads in the mountains?)

Seriously folks, its' the responsibility of the person in control (i.e THE DRIVER).

I drove my RV up there and camped.(and yes, I live in Liberty so don't think I'm sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong), and I made it back in one piece.

There must have been 200+ BIG RIGS there. How come we don't see 200 of these reports? (BECASUE SOME PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!)

I was also in the line waiting for ~5 hrs while UDOT cleaned up the mess.

People need to be responsible for themselves. Don't blame the road for someones poor judgment.

Unfortunately the driver paid (and probably is still paying) the ultimate price.

I welcome the motocross event at PM and hope it happens again.

Kyle in Liberty

Zipper said...

Kyle, you indicate that it doesn't matter what happens to anyone else by the careless acts of others. Next time it may someone in your family that is a victim and they may be just riding up the road. I get it, you just place your money and take your chances!


Space said...

Hi Zipper

No, I did not say (or mean to) that careless acts of others are OK. I am saying that that the person that should be in control wasn't.

In my opinion, the driver failed to exercise "proper" judgment. Period. It wasn’t the road that caused the crash, it was the driver.

Was it careless? I don't have enough information to make that call. Do you? Then don’t.

Outlaw all RV’s on the PM road because a driver exercised poor judgment? Better not drive the freeway.

Oh yeah, how many times do you think Woody and Ken and Julie and John and Dave and … drive the Powder Mountain busses up and down that road? Lots!

Huh, drivers with judgment. Imagine that.

Brilliant? no. Realistic, yes.

I’m sorry if this is a Bash Powder Mountain blog. I’ll bow out if so.

Anonymous said...
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Save The Vote said...

The issue is that the developers are FORCING 100 citizens into their town without the citizens having any say via a vote. It is an unconstitutional taking of their rights.

The 10,000 units at PM will be the result of this unconstitutionality and we all will be impacted. As far as the road, it is one of the steepest state roads in Utah (probably THE steepest). UDOT would not construct the road today, nor would they allow it to be built.

The road is steep, impassible and unsafe.

RIP Tanner

Space said...

Thanks Anonymous

My issue was not with what's happening at Powder Mountain. I too DO NOT think it is appropriate to "lasso” people into a town that they don’t want or to build 10,000 units.

My issue is that it is not the road that killed, it is the driver. Semi’s go up and down that road EVERYDAY (and survive)! Yet one weekend warrior does and it’s OMG, close the road. Be responsible for yourself and please don’t make laws to protect me from myself!

And yes, HUGE condolences to the families of the rider AND the motor home wreck for the losses they had incurred.

OgdenLover said...

And this is dry, snow & ice-free weather.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Valley Driver said...

It appears that what is being overlooked is the danger of having the massive amount of vehicles on that road during almost any time of the year. Let us not lose sight that this road with its grade numbers will only increase the accident and death rate with the increases in traffic.

In the State of Utah, any road exceeding 6% is considered unsafe for school buses. There are four sections or more of this road that more than double that grade percentage. What is the difference between a school bus and a motor home full of people? Lives will be in danger unless a second, safer access road is made available by Powder Mountain.

Credible sources who talked to the Sheriff's office said deputies were busy all day Sunday helping motorists who were getting soggy/soft breaks and pulled off the road. Many called tow trucks to take them off. It sounded like it was a real fiasco.

We are willing to acknowledge that some experienced Powder Mountain drivers know what to expect when driving that road, but most of the visitors at an event like that have no clue to how steep and dangerous that road can be. Are we to wait until we have a horrible multi death accident to realize the danger?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Valley said...

We will not allow threats against individuals. Also, it may be worth mentioning that even though a post is made anonymously, our tracking software identifies the origin of a post.

Anonymous said...

North Carolina and the Applachians have much steeper mountain roads than Powder Mountain Road. The Apps are much older than the Rockies / more erroded / and less mountain for winding the roads up to elevation. You folks are blowing this all out of proportion. Highest and best use will always win. It is the American way....with a few exceptions---national parks..ect. Free market rules.... Many will learn to profit from the commerce that Powder town will bring, other will be priced out of their homes and take large profits when value eventually sky rocket. It is just the way it is.