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Friday, August 07, 2009

News from Huntsville - Judge Craig Storey faces accusations and Recycling Program Shot Down

Today we highlight some news from our friends over on the South side in Huntsville.

The Salt Lake Tribune broke the story a couple of days ago regarding sexual harassment accusations against the Honorable Judge Craig Storey, who works as Judge of Weber County and Huntsville.

(Marcia) Eisenhour, who said she has worked with Storey for 24 years, said that in April 2007, while cleaning out the judge's office, she and another clerk found an 11-page poem written about Eisenhour.

Apparently the County did not act on the claims, so Eisenhour has chosen to take the case to the court of public opinion.

Click here to read the entire story from the Tribune

Three days later, the Standard Examiner followed up with this.

You be the Judge!

On another note, we just heard that the recycling program for Huntsville that was highlighted in the last Ogden Valley News was shot down "because 3 out of 5 council members did not support the program as presented."

The program would have cost residents an additional $3.75 per month. For that, they would receive a recycling can and biweekly pickup.

According to the email we just received, the "residents were overwhelmingly in favor of a recycling program."

Here are some results from the input:
• Some 61 households responded (about 28% +/-)

• Of those, 55 (90%) were overwhelmingly in favor of a recycling program

• 100% of those who spoke at the public hearing were in favor of the program

• A large majority were willing to pay much more than the proposed $3.75

Click here to see the email with more details.

Some concerns expressed by other members of the council include:

• I don’t want to be told I have to do something (mandatory, all or nothing program)

• The $3.75 may be financially burdensome on some residents on a fixed income

• Let’s wait and see if the economy improves

• I am not interested

We think $3.75 per month to help mother earth is a bargain, even in these recessionary times. Can you sign us up??

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