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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gage Froerer Steps up for

The Citizens’ Rights Committee!

After the Citizens’ Rights Committee booth space at the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival was revoked, our own State Representative Gage Froerer has offered space in front of his Century 21 office on Hwy. 158 for an information booth. The office is located on Hwy. 158 a few hundred yards south of the Valley Market intersection.

Please stop by our booth to pick up information on the homeowners fight for their civil rights and the pending proposed town incorporation.

The booth will be open from 4 PM to 8 PM on Friday, August 14th and from 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday, August 15th.


Whistler said...

Way to go Gage! I am so proud of your involvement on this issue. We need someone like you that stands up for the Ogden Valley citizens.

Give us a break said...

Are memories so short?

Are we supposed to forget Gage Froerer sponsored a bill which cut out local planning commissions if a developer met County ordinances?

And more...he voted along with all his Realtor/Developer cronies for HB 466. Which passed the House and Senate unanimously, without debate nor a single vote against it. HB 466 was the "Developers Dream Bill" which caused all this angst and turmoil in the first place.

So where was he "standing up for us" when the County Assessor and Commission was raising our property taxes more than one hundred percent in a single year? Remember Snow Crest Jr. meeting?

His mia copa not-withstanding, he is for the wrong element based upon his actions. The rest is just his usual grand-standing after the fact.

If we want better government we need to remember things like this (what a candidate actually stands for) at election time. In case you have not noticed our new unelected Governor is a Realtor/Developer and our new unelected Lieutenant Governor is also a Realtor /Developer. How'd that happen?

The last thing Ogden Valley needs is a Realtor -Developer in the legislature or on the County Commission. That is if we want to have any control at all over what our Valley looks like ten years from now.

Of course if you are one of the hundreds in that business you are very happy to sing the praises of a fellow real estate and developer...

give it a rest said...

Ah C'mon, Don, give it a rest.

ozboy said...

Give us a break

You sure got that right.

This points out the sad part of Utah politics where I guy like Froerer has his fingerprints all over this criminal fiasco yet escape any blame from the sheeple simply by throwing them a few well placed bones after the fact. Next election they will remember his letting them put up a booth on his property and forget all about his participating in creating the problem to begin with.

Don said...

The difference in these posts are "Ozboy" was born and raised in Ogden, left for military service, then has done incredible things in business most of his life. Independently wealthy he lives in Utah again, where he pays close attention to politics at the Ogden City, local, County, and State level. He also is a philanthropic contributor to many worthwhile causes, social and political. He knows more about Utah politics than Larry, Don, Moe and Curly combined~.

"Give it a rest" on the other hand is a somewhat naive (or perhaps "guileless") ex Californian transplant who has lived in the Valley only a very few years. He means well but seems to be stuck on a rather pollyanna approach to political reality...what is real and hard core Utah political corruption.

"Don" is a guy who has lived in Utah for thirty years, studied Utah politics and politicians, found many "wanting" for ethics and for what he and most out of Staters consider normal behavior. Understanding Conflict of Interest, for example, is a difficult concept for most Utah pols.
He was mentored by an ex State Dept., home grown LDS person, who after retiring actually worked for two years as a lobbyist with the inner circle of the Realtor Association leadership, witnessing then and still today first hand the corruption and despicable political behavior of that group.

If Larry wants "Don" to "give it a rest", it will not happen so long as this corrupt Realtor element continues to behave counter to common decency and the laws many of us believe in and have fought for.

The Gage cheerleaders are mostly either Froerer's, or employees of his Realtor business.

Who you believe..,or believe in, is of course your own decision.

Anonymous said...

Don, What is funny, Larry is not "Give it a rest" you should get your facts straight. You just have a real problem with anyone that disagrees with you.

Blitzer said...

Don, I am just guessing on the people involved, but will bet you $1,000 that "give it a rest" is not Larry

We can get the blogmeister to confirm if it is Larry or not without exposing "Give it a rest".

Resting Comfortably said...

The Gage cheerleaders are mostly either Froerer's, or employees of his Realtor business.

Who you believe..,or believe in, is of course your own decision.

Who "Give it a rest " is or is not is irrelevant. Don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

It seems to be important to Don. Let's see him put up or shut up.

Don said...


What is important to "Don" is exposing the graft and corruption behind the evil works of the developers like the Powder Mountain low lifes. And the Realtor's who support them and hide, like "anonymous" for example.

Trying to distract and confuse the issue is high school level politics.

If you have something worthy of saying, say it. If you have proof that what "Don" has said is untrue, by all means share it. Don would I am certain be pleased. Just don't point to after the fact grandstands by Froerer.

Don has no problem with disagreement - just with high school level attempts at distraction politics.

So "anonymous", who is the most powerful and wealthy lobby group in Utah? Why?

Who are the ones (special interests/lobbyists) our Senators/Representatives (not Realtor/Developers) are most intimidated by?

How many in the legislature are Realtor Developers?

Who wrote HB 466 and what was their affiliation?

Why was a bill written to skip local planning commissions in favor of Realtors and developers?

How many laws have been written favoring Realtors and Developers since our Representative has taken office?

Who was "satisfied" with advance notice that the County Commissioners were going to raise our property taxes by 30% in the Valley and 20% West of the mountains?

Who was distraught, not because our property taxes averaged more than 100% increase, but because the Commissioners lied to him? It was all about him, not Valley residents being taxed out of their homes.

Who published anti acquistion value property tax propaganda while pretending to be open minded to tax reform?

Who stood up in front of hundreds of Valley citizens at Snowcrest Jr. High meeting and quoted the Realtor party line precisely, saying he stood for individual private property rights. While he voted for the Developer's Dream Bill HB 466, which disenfranchises citizens property and their constitutional rights?

Who fought off online real estate property sales in Utah by requiring a Realtor show the property or be involved? Why, when such sales across the Country benefit private property owners saving them 6% commissions?

Just a few questions "anonymous" might be kind enough to answer for us all. This is about the greater good, and not about silly bets and sophomoric distractions.

Anonymous said...

Well Don, you have anointed yourself as the self appointed saver of the republic and the American way. Congratulations Don,it is nice to know that God speaks to Don and Don tells the world!

Zeke said...

Don, I am still waiting to see if you will put your money where your mouth is! I like that description, the self appointed prophet from Huntsville!

Any un-Don thought is childish and High School like. Just think, we can eliminate the Bible and have a book of Don!

Don said...

An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: "argument to the man" or "argument against the man") consists of replying to an argument or factual claim by attacking or appealing to a characteristic or belief of the person making the argument or claim, rather than by addressing the substance of the argument or producing evidence against the claim.

The process of proving or disproving the claim is thereby subverted, and the argumentum ad hominem works to change the subject.

Pretzel said...


Mark Twain said...

“Get your facts first, then
you can distort them how you please.”

Mark Twain

anonymous said...

Obviously Froerer sycophants trying to change the subject as usual.

Answer Don's questons or shutup.

Trolling for the Realtor's is despicable.

Zeke said...

Don, cover the $1,000 bet or shut up! You are spewing your bull around but won't back it up with any guts.

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the trolls.

JAFO said...

It is interesting to see and read Gage Froerer speak out on this issue. He voted for the bill then was opposed when the citizens spoke out against it and its application. He did not have enough influence to get the legislature to consider his bill to change the law at the last legislature. Remember they adjourned with nearly one hour left in the session. His bill was next on the docket. He and his developer friends had their way but Froerer can pretend that he tried to make a difference.

Citizen for better representation said...


You are getting it. It is called Froerer grand standing after the fact. If you watch carefully you will see this is the way he operates on everything.

He speaks out saying what you want to hear him say and then does the opposite. Or he does something everyone but his developer friends hates and then claims he is against what he has already done.

This "weasel" definitely needs to be unelected at the first opportunity.