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Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Pro Powderville" Takes Over The Standard's Message Board and The Voice of Deseret Blog weighs in on the issue

An interesting debate has been taking place over on the Standard's Message board in response to the Balloon Festival's Board pulling the plug on Citizen's of Powderville who are being forced into the Company town.

A truly arrogant loser calling himself "Pro Powderville" and "Let the Courts Decide" has resorted to trash talk and priesthood meeting talk to denigrate the Powderville victims. The spelling errors below belong to this mental giant:

By: Pro-Powederville @ 08/15/2009, 8:19 PM

Lets see. You tried to get your voice heard in commissions so that we could not develop our land as we see fit.
We just laughed, put a big red thumb-tack on your house for future reference, made a couple of phone calls. and had a law passed; we went right around your precious commission.

You then tried to have legal manuevering stop us from the right to develop our own land, and you were symied by the court.

You now appeal that ruling...

In the meantime others are jockeying all over the valley to develop their land as they see fit.

You stoner freaks just dont get it. Big development has come to your little corner of the world. People like the valley, are going to flock there, expoentially.
All the while, even while your little tea pot tempest simmers, my land becomes more valuable because of this. Which is good for me.
Wait until I descide to develop. Best of luck stopping my plans, skippy mc bearded-freak.

Win. Win. Win. and... Win.
This is only a snippet of his rants, but his arrogance should incense all as his is the attitude exhibited by the Powder Mountain developers over the last couple of years.

Earlier in the thread, Standard Assistant editor Doug Gibson weighed in with this sage comment:

By: Doug Gibson @ 08/13/2009, 12:27 PM

It's a recurring lesson for corporations and groups: When you try to suppress another group's voice, it ultimately becomes a bigger news story than if you had just left well enough alone.

It is time to keep this issue alive. Visit the Standard's message board and weigh in to let Mr. Pro Powderville know how the majority of Ogden Valley residents feel about the developers fascist tactics.

The Voice of Deseret blog also sounded off on the issue in a recent post. Deseret writes about a recent Standard article citing Ogden as a prime place to retire.

Yet the story includes not a single word about the one issue which will change the "low traffic" and "small-town feeling"; namely, the proposed Powder Mountain incorporation plan. Detractors fear an upsurge in vehicular traffic and the complete erosion of that "small town feeling". Eden could easily become another Park City - which might not be a problem, except the people who live there do NOT want it to become another ersatz assembly-line "apres-ski" clone, replete with close-order drill on how to paint one's house, where one can park, how high one's lawn can be cut, whether or not tree houses are allowed, etc.

The forum is now yours. What say ye Ogden Valley?


Thomas Jefferson said...

I think Doug Gibson's comment about trying to suppress another group's voice is almost always doomed to fail, is right on the mark.

The Balloon Festival people learned a painful lesson about that this last week. They provided front page
coverage and sympathy for the Citizens Group cause.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Valley said...

The "priesthood meeting talk" reference was in regards to Pro Powderville's statements, and we should have used quotes to emphasize that point.

It was not our intent to appear "prejudiced" against any group other than the greedy Powderville developers and their very few supporters.

Anonymous said...
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Kestrel said...

Pro Powderville is just whistling in the graveyard, the Arnold and Daniel's people are at each other's throats in a lawsuit as we write this. This is going to be fun watching these two clowns try to sell their properties with all this negative information about this fiasco out there.


Pro Powderville doesn't sound as much like a developer of Powder Mountain ("we" this, and "we" that) as it does like a failed golf pro and a failing real estate agent. Or both.

Douggy B Free said...
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