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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Save the Vote, Save the Valley
If we can save the vote for the Homeowners
by stopping the town incorporation
We may save the Valley from overdevelopment

Steve Clarke Sounds Off!

Taylor Lets us know!

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Kate said...

Hi, I am a manager at the State Division of Drinking Water, in the source protection program. Utah has an opportunity to apply for assistance from the "source water collaborative", info at, in solving or improving a local source water protection problem, which could be many things: development in recharge areas, septic system densities, runoff, and so on, of course determined by the people local to the problem. I have been thinking that the Ogden Valley might be a good location, with different land uses, different development priorities, recreation, different water uses, and so on. They would come to the valley, or nearby, do workshops, solicit input from all stakeholders, and with luck make useful recommendations to help resolve local issues. Would the valley residents be interested in this? It could be very valuable, but possibly could be seen as intrusive or objectionable for other reasons. I'd love some feedback! My contact information is or 801-536-4206

thx very much, Kate Johnson