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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Powder Mountain Support Waning - Developers Feuding in courts

Time is short this morning so we will be brief and somewhat lazy.

First, Doug Gibson of the Standard Examiner was spot on in his editorial yesterday. Click here to view the article as well as Rudi's run down.

Next, this mornings Standard has some juicy tidbits of internal strife within the Powder Mountain organization.

Read both articles here:

Resort owners in dispute / Company sues developers, seeks damages in fraud claim

Powder Mountain council-mayor issue not resolved yet

As Rudi says, don't let the cat get your tongue!!!


Skeets said...

Is anyone surprised? These people live in moral twilight. They gerrymandered some innocent folks into this phony town, excluded other property owners that had enough money fight them, and now they are at each other's throats. They have turned on their own neighbors and wonder why there is opposition to their nefarious plans.

I hope this brings a full and detailed investigation into the conflict of interest that the Weber County Government leadership ignored early on in this process that brought us where we are today.

Anonymous said...
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Powderville or BUST said...

How are the greedy developers who are trying to take away the rights of 100 residents contributing to the community? They are screwing them, that's how.

Many attempts have been made in a civil way, but the big boys at Powderville like to be the bully ON the playground.

One thing about it, Snow Basin at least requires their workers to be high school graduates. Most can even spell and formulate a sentence. Oh, but I guess they also require a pre employment drug test so that would also disqualify you.

If you think there is "venom" now, you ain't seen nothin' yet. You are probably too young to remember the good ole' days when Vail was under attack.

Maybe this will refresh your feeble mind.

Valley said...

We will not allow threats against individuals. Also, it may be worth mentioning that even though a post is made anonymously, our tracking software identifies the origin of a post.