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Friday, September 04, 2009

Standard Examiner Op-Ed on The Powder Mountain Road

In case you missed this morning's Standard Examiner,
read the Opinion section for an excellent summation of the
issues that many have with the safety of the Powder Mountain


Cantugi said...

It is hard to fathom why any resort or development would consider using the present road for access
to large scale events. The grades on the road are unacceptable almost anywhere else in the United States.

My understanding is that it was first, a private road, then became a county road, and finally a state highway. If that is true, where was the oversight from elected and appointed officials at UDOT that should have been looking out for the citizens?

googlegirl said...

OUR VIEW: Road to resort a problem

Liberty res said...

I have lived in Liberty for 40 years.
Watched and heard all of the pro's and con's.Now it has been proven that
something has to be done about access
They have about 1 or more accidents a night during the winter.The problem has decreased since thhe bus sevice. powderville is absured.

Hybrid said...

Thats where the mountain is. What can you do. Limit car traffic on that road. Burly hybrid busses every 20 minutes.

the road said...

Powder Mountain road definitely needs to come with a warning sign- You may not make it up, and you must not take your car out of second gear coming down.

Red Dog said...

To "the road said", I wish it was that easy to solve the problem. Add to the fact of the road itself, a few beers or wine and you have a big time accident ready to happen anytime.

Sadly, it make take a multiple death accident on that road to get everyone's attention. I hope not.