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Monday, September 14, 2009

Ogden Valley Issues Escalate To The Statewide Level

Powder Mountain Threats and Small Town Chicanery

Fox 13 News was in Eden for several hours today preparing a story about the Powder Mountain Town Sign Thefts and the more recent personal threats against those vocally opposed to the incorporation. Be sure to watch Fox 13 tonight at 9 PM to see the latest.

The story we broke Sunday regarding Dirty Politics in bucolic Huntsville hit the spotlight of, one of Utah's premier political sites.

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Did you Notice? said...

What is notable is that the ownership at Powder Mountain has not criticized or distanced themselves from any of the threats, damage, or thefts made in the area. They have chosen to say "No Comment".

valley resident said...

The other stations have been contacted in hopes of also running this story. More to come.....

Space said...

Did anyone see the Fox13 news clip. I did and I wondered what the story was even about. Anticlimactic at best.

The "read" I got was more like "Gee, someone messed up our signs and we're not gonna take it".

Anyone hear what the Sheriff dept. is has done?