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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Powder Mountain Town News!

Theft, threats and attempted intimidation have now become part of the Powder Mountain town saga. As reported on the front page of Saturday's Standard Examiner, it appears that some of those who support the Powder Mountain town incorporation have continued to break the law in an attempt to discourage those that oppose the formation of a town without the consent of the residents.

Problems Regarding Powder Mountain Town Escalate

It is also a fact that these "anonymous" perpetrators have left behind significant evidence including electronic trails that provide valuable information for law enforcement officials.

This is a contentious issue, those citizens opposed to the town incorporation are trying to recover the basic civil rights for the

affected homeowners that were ignored by the onerous

legislative bill HB466. The affected homeowners did not have a voice in the formation of the town, their forced inclusion into the town boundaries, or a vote on the initial town officers.

One would think that every American that values the right

of equal protection under the law would be opposed to any

action by the Powder Mountain owners that denies those rights.

Blogmeister Update:

We will also include a letter to the editor from Liberty resident Larry Folker in response to Richard Schneider's comment that anti-Powder Mountain people are a vocal minority.


Red Dog said...

You are right unless someone or several people would have any hidden financial gain from the incorporation. There are rumors all over the Valley about hidden agendas and large financial rewards should the town be established.

Blue healer said...

hmmm. Who could have hidden agendas??

Cyrano said...

Larry Folker is right on the money. The voting issue and the town citizen's loss of civil rights trumps anything else regarding Powder Mountain.