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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Election Season Upon Us

With just over one month until election day, the Deseret News explains the process in Huntsville. Rather than the typical Primary/General election format, Huntsville is one of just a few municipalities in the state that uses a Nominating convention format.

Huntsville selects candidates through convention

Mayor James McKay said the parties don't exist for any reason other than to have forums for people to be nominated for the election.

Huntsville residents will note McKay's name is not on this year's ballot.

McKay said that when he completes his fourth term, he will have served 16 years.

He said he plans on "doing some other things" when his service is over in January and plans to send a farewell address to town residents in an upcoming city newsletter.

"We've been able to do some positive things for the community," McKay said.

Fruit Heights in Davis County and Garland in Box Elder County, as well as a handful of other cities, also select municipal candidates by convention rather than by primary election, said David Church, attorney for the Utah League of Cities and Towns.

This is a perfect lede into our election coverage of the Upcoming Huntsville Election. For now, Huntsville is the only incorporated community in Ogden Valley.

Furthermore, it will be at least two years before Powderville residents will be allowed to vote IF their incorporation goes through, so we will focus the election spotlight on our neighbors to the south for at least a couple more years during this years off year election.

The Huntsville Candidates have been selected, the stage is set and we have created a "Huntsville Election" section on our right sidebar. The candidates have been contacted and in upcoming days and weeks we will post any information the candidates forward to us.

Thanks to the Weber County Forum for the Election Coverage Format.

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