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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finding Utah's Garden of Eden

As the fall colors begin to change, there were a couple of articles recently about Utah's best kept secret of Eden.

First, Lee Benson's Deseret News article entitled

Finding Utah's Garden of Eden

Benson contrasts the popular Ogden Valley tourist destinations - from David O. McKay's house to the Monastery, from the Shooting Star to Chris and Sandy Hogge's "Garden of Eden."

Next, the First Tracks Online Blog overviews a new Ogden Valley Business Association web site which touts our fall colors:

New Website Chronicles Autumn in Utah's Ogden Valley

From the article, “If you are searching for spectacular fall scenery, you need up-to-date information," confirms board chairperson Carolyn Daniels. "Because northern Utah’s elevations range from 4,200 feet at Ogden Bay Bird Refuge to almost 9,800 feet at Willard Peak there isn’t just one week when the trees are reaching their peak color. If you know where to go, you can find great fall color for over a month.”


The Viking said...

If we want to keep this Garden of Eden, we must stop this runaway growth in Ogden Valley. We are going to look like Park City if that town and resort goes in at Powder Mountain.

Valley said...

You are absolutely right Viking. We always seem to be the recipients of greedy developers who want increased density for their wondrous resort or development. They make bogus claims such as they want to make a first class development since they plan on making this their home. Ultimately, they dump on us and five years later they are gone, leaving us with their refuse.

Unfortunately, far to few are willing to take a stand against these greedheads.