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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Urgent update regarding Powder Mountain Conflict of Interest

From Saturday's Salt Lake Tribune, we read Deal deadline looms for Powder Mountain project - By Arrin Newton Brunson Special to The Tribune

The article brings up some interesting and possibly overlooked items.
  • The Cache County Council will decide Oct. 23 whether to allow another development extension. This is the same day the Ogden Valley Planning Commission (OVPC) will vote on a Major rezone request.
  • Early in 2005, investors partnered with Powder Mountain's original owners and members of the Alvin Cobabe family to form the Western America Holding Co. and develop the 7,960-acre area.

The latter is an extremely important point as it has long been rumored Powder Mountain had been "sold." According to the Tribune, the Cobabe family "partnered" to form Western America Holding Co.

The issue of a conflict of interest has been brought up many times to OVPC member Jamie Lythgoe who claims to have no interest in Powder Mountain after the "sale," but this suggests otherwise.

Lythgoe is the Granddaughter and heiress of Powder Mountain founder and apparent partner of Western America Holding Co., Alvin Cobabe. Additionally, many Powder Mountain properties are still listed on County records as belonging to the Cobabes.

This is, without question, a conflict of interest, and Ms. Lythgoe must recuse herself from any and all action related to Powder Mountain.

What say you now, Ms. Hurtado? (Weber County Attorney)


Anonymous said...

She should resign and the commissioners should replace her with someone without the baggage of a developer or realtor. Someone with integrity who can honestly recognize a conflict.

Apparently the rumor of a sale was just a scheme, or maybe a shell game. Get outside investors, form a new company, transfer the assets and attempt to distance yourself from the new company.

Anonymous said...

But I thought the resort was for sale and already sold?

Valley said...

Maybe you did not read the article, and we invite you to do so. Yes, the resort was sold from the Cobabe's to Western America Holding Co., of which the same Cobabe's are partners. Jamie is a granddaughter of Alvin Cobabe.

DickGraham said...

you "community orginizers" better wake up. the heli sunday was a sign of things to come. The silent majority all hope that this time around you help row the boat in the same direction unless you plan to make us all look ignorant and resistant to change as you've done so effectivley in the past.

Jim246 said...

Tell us more.  Which direction should the boat be rowed?