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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Press Release: Huntsville Town "For Sale - Can't Afford The Taxes"

UPDATE: The media day will be held at the Southeast Bowery (not Southwest, as previously advertised)

Huntsville Town is up for Sale.
All Media invited to our "Media Day"
TIME Saturday, 13 October.
TIME: 1100 AM
WHERE: At the Town Park (Southeast corner Bowery )
Light refreshments will be served

Wingmen Sorensen and Bell will be available for guided tours of the Town.
Information will be available of assessment errors.
Wingmen are available to answer questions (until the last question is answered)
CONTACT: For more information call D Bell 801 710-6270 or 801 745-1419

Press Release:

Huntsville Town "For Sale - Can't afford the property taxes"

is a citizen initiative begun after Weber County Tax notices were
received in early August. The idea came from Indianapolis, Indiana
where a similar political statement proved effective in drawing national
attention to citizen's who feel they are being abused by disparate
and excessive taxation.

Property Tax Petitions move across the State like a Speeding Freight Train Huntsville Town citizen Richard Sorensen designed, purchased and distributed
lawn signs. Another citizen, D-Bell, began a campaign to have Huntsville Town
properties reassessed. A petition written by Bell and distributed by Sorensen
rolled through Huntsville Town (pop. 600) like a high speed freight train.
The citizen response was such the "informational" meeting with County officials
had to be moved to the Snowcrest Junior High within 24 hours.

At the Snowcrest Junior High gymnasium (15 August) at least one thousand or
more angry Valley residents "pinned back the ears" of Weber County Commissioners,
Assessors and local Representative Gage Froerer.

The Ogden Valley Forum was so heated with tax outrage, and Click here to read the rest of the press release

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