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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Commissioner Lythgoe denies conflict of interest and other news

The story we broke two days ago, made it to the Standard this morning in Marshall Thompson's "Commissioner Lythgoe denies conflict of interest." The article does not address the issue we reported that Cobabe's were in fact partners in Western America Holding, Co., the "new owners" of Powder Mountain as reported in the Salt Lake Tribune.

At any rate, be sure to sign the petition in our right side column opposing the rezone request. As we have stated, only one group will benefit from the rezone - the developers! Be sure to write the planning commissioners and attend this potentially precedent setting meeting on October 23,2007.

Lastly, we have added "Huntsville Election 2007" information to our right column and it will be updated in the upcoming days.

What say you Ogden Valley - Conflict or No Conflict?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd say the perception is definetly one of conflict of interest. If the rezoning is approved then values in the surrounding areas will go up also due to comparibles, easier accessed utilities and services, etc. I think in Commissioner Lythgoe wants to do the right thing, she will remove herself from the voting process. In my eyes, and I'm sure most of the public she is supposed to be serving, this is a conflict of interest.