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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Powder Mountain Rezone

We joined the Ogden Valley Planning Commission's field trip to Powder Mountain yesterday. It was informative and it gave us a better perspective on the scope of the proposed rezone development plans. While the trip was worthwhile, it did not alter our view that the rezone petition being considered by the OVPC is not in the best interest of Ogden Valley residents and the General Plan.

On October 23rd the Ogden Valley Planning Commission will be asked to grant this rezone by the Powder Mountain developer. This petition has been tabled twice and will in all probability be voted on at this meeting. The Valley Citizens for Responsible Development (VCRD) does not oppose development at Powder Mountain, but we feel that any development approval should be granted under the existing zoning and within the pending Sensitive Lands Overlay, Recreation Resort Zone, and Transfer of Development Right ordinances now in the review/approval process. No additional dwellings should be approved.

The requested rezone translates to almost doubling the density at Powder Mountain to 2800 dwellings in Weber County alone over what would be allowed under the current zoning (1477 units). The Cache County portion of the proposed development has an additional 900 plus units. Valley residents should consider what that would mean to traffic, water and air pollution issues in the Valley. In addition, the fact that there is only one road in and out (Powder Mountain Road) could be a serious factor in case of a wild fire emergency. Cache County has already denied the petitioner's request to add another road into Powder Mountain from their county.

The VCRD membership feels the worst scenario for our Valley is for the Ogden Valley Planning Commission or Weber County Commission to approve a precedent setting rezone that would undo much of the ongoing density planning efforts, and negatively impact the charm and character of Ogden Valley. The unprecedented increase in density (dwellings) from this proposed rezone petition with its major change in usage, and thus the associated increase in units, will negatively impact the road traffic, air quality, wildlife, and water quality in Ogden Valley. This rezone petition should not be approved.

If the Powder Mountain request for a rezoning is approved, this action could open the flood gates for resorts like Wolf Creek, Snow Basin, and other resort developers to petition the Commission for similar rezoning and expect to receive a favorable decision. This could be a disaster for the General Plan in Ogden Valley.

The time is now to write your Ogden Valley Planning Commission and express your feelings. The OVPC has wide discretion on this rezone and our members and all residents should be heard loud and clear. If you have not done so, please go to our blog, to vote on the petition on Powder Mountain.

Write to your OVPC Commissioners via Sherri Sillitoe: and ask that your
e-mail be distributed to all OVPC Commissioners.

Remember, "Speak up for what you want, or take what you get."

Your VCRD Staff and Valley Contributors


Richard said...

3700 units at Powder Mountain using the existing road or even an improved road? Ludicrous! How many units does the entire Ogden Valley currently have? 7000 or so, I would guess.

And how would this rezone benefit residents?

Richard Sorensen

Anonymous said...

Larry et all, has anyone figured out the number of units available to Powder under the proposed Resort Ordinance? I have not had the time to do so but am curious what the number would be.

The road issue should be a show stopper along with the other huge impacts on the valley that provide few to any benefits to valley or Northern UT residents.

Ron Gleason

Larry Zini said...

Ron, the numbers of units proposed with and without the rezone are in the blog post. 1477 units without the rezone, 2800 with the rezone. Big difference on density impact. Good reason along with road problems to deny the rezone.

Minor Machman said...

You do us all a great service with your information and campaign to preserve what is left of the peace in our Valley. If the three stooges (commissioners) were left to decide we would all be swimming in traffic on our narrow one lane roads with a funeral a week from traffic accidents, polluted air, and stroke from gross over taxation.