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Friday, October 05, 2007

Powder Mountain Field Trip - October 12th

Weber County Planning Commission web site now states that the public is invited to join the OVPC field trip to Powder Mt. on Oct. 12. Everyone will meet at the Maverick Station in Eden at 1:00 PM for the drive up. The public must have their own transportation, and a 4x4 drive is recommended.

We've been told that this is a first for the "public" to be invited along on such a field trip. So we encourage anyone who believes such a trip may be beneficial to join along.

For those of you who have not visited the County's Planning Commission web site recently you will find some nice changes. As an example, under the agenda for Oct. 12 click on Powder Mountain and you will find Staff's review of the rezoning request plus maps of the current and proposed zoning changes. These maps provide quite a visual for what will happen if this rezone is approved! There are other good additions to the site as well. Some things are missing, like the minutes of past meetings. But the site is still in the process of redesign and the minutes will be added back soon.

Your VCRD staff

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