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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Both Sides of the Conflict Coin

This lively debate over The Powder Mountain rezone conflict of interest issue provides an excellent opportunity for our members and all residents of Ogden Valley to weigh in with their thoughts and opinions to both the OVPC and Weber County Commissioners.

If you feel it was the responsibility of Ms. Lythgoe to investigate and disclose all Cobabe family holdings in and around the Powder Mountain rezone area when the rezone petition was initially put before the OVPC earlier this year, you should express your feelings to the County Commissioners via e-mail, telephone or letter.

Conversely, if you feel this conflict of interest perception is much ado about nothing and would not affect the final disposition of the rezone petition, inform the County Commissioners of your opinion in the same manner.

It should be stated here that despite the overheated rhetoric, the initial Conflict of Interest disclosure about the Cobabe property holdings did not initiate with any Ogden Valley resident, it was published first in the Salt Lake City Tribune by a Cache County reporter for the Trib and later picked up by the Standard Examiner.

Whatever your opinion, we encourage you to contact your OVPC and Weber County Commissioners and express your views.

The strength of any group of citizens is their collective voice on this kind of issue. We are confident that our Valley citizens are intelligent enough to to understand what is at stake with the Powder Mountain rezone petition.

"Speak Up for what you want, or take what you get!"

Your VCRD Staff

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