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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Huntsville and Ogden Valley in the news / Sign the Powder Mountain Rezone Petition

If you own a High Definition Phillips, you have certainly seen the recent coverage of Ogden Valley's egregious Property Tax assessments. More specifically, Huntsville Residents D-Bell and Richard Sorensen, a.k.a. Utah Wingmen, have put the town of Huntsville up for sale for nearly $3 Billion.

In today's Standard, we read an editorial that is right on target - Just get it done. Kudos to the editorial staff.

We also hear that Fox 13 will run the story tonight (Sunday) at 9 PM and throughout the day on Monday.

Some time ago, we at the forum created a page dedicated to the developing Tax Revolt. The site contains links to the latest media coverage and to other local tax sites. Add your email address to the Subscribe list on all of the related sites to receive updates and alerts.

As the Wingmen say, "Get informed and get involved!

We nearly overlooked a letter to the editor from Larry Zini regarding a local water company's efforts to increase the water rates by 125%. The increase will most likely help fund more Ski Lake Condo's to further beautify our Valley.

And Marshall Thompson of the Standard writes, "Resort tour shows more than paper" with regard to the Powder Mountain Rezone request. Ogden Valley Planning Commission member Gregg Graves said it best, “Just doing that, I don’t see how that benefits the valley as a whole.”

Right on Commissioner Graves - not only will the rezone NOT benefit anyone in Ogden Valley, but it will be a DETRIMENT to Ogden Valley and will forever cast a black shadow over us. Be sure to sign the Powder Mountain rezone petition.

For more details on the rezone request, Click here.

UPDATE - 12:00 PM: We are in the process of creating a web section dedicated to the Huntsville Election, much like the Ogden Election Info at the Weber County Forum. Check back in a day or two.

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