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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What is happening at Powder Mountain ?

We understand there may be some ongoing action with regard to Powder Mountain, aka Powderville. You may recall the Powdervillians have been called "flippers," and they may be flipping as we speak.

We have only heard bits and pieces of rumors (from reliable sources) at this point, but we invite you to click on the links below to refresh your memory of the saga that has been a hot news story the past couple of years.

Click on all of the links, watch the videos and read the stories. Get informed and updated and wait for more news.

Powder Mountain Protest Leads To Boycott

Ogden Valley Citizens Take The Fight To The Streets

Aspen Utah Denied By Supreme Court

Powder Mountain Update - Next Stop Federal court

Lawsuit Seeks Powder Mountain Election

Powder Mountain Township Issue Heading To Court - Standard Examiner Article

Opposition To Powder Mountain Incorporation Petition

Ogden Valley Forum Exclusive - The Powder Mountain Press Release

And we saved the most important for last:
An Important Letter To Residents of Powderville and A Warning To Potential Powder Mountain Investors

We realize there is information-a-plenty, but be sure to click on the links and stay informed.

1 comment:

PM Expert said...

If anyone is dumb enough to buy the Powder Mountaiin fiasco after they have driven the road and are aware of the legal problems as well as the community problems, they deserve whatever they get.